Business with No Investment: A Marketing Bait

Business With Zero Investment
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Starting a ‘Business with No Investment’ is a ‘Bait’, A ‘Bait’ that marketing geniuses created like Going to ‘Las Vagas’ with a ‘penny’ and come back home a ‘Millionaire’. But it’s a truth in a Sense they say Start with ‘No Investment’ and how your this ‘No Investment’ grows.

Business Ideas with No Investment

‘Eureka’, you need an investment of your Money or friend and Family Money or you are investing out of your earning every time you received a paycheque.

Online Business Ideas with No Investment in Year 2021

Reason for Starting a Business

In this pandemic, People’s prospect about the career, money, and living has changed and changing. People are more conservative in going out and buying out.

Working-Class People:

They lost the jobs they loved or loyal to and they spent a gross amount of time in maintaining, growing, or running other people’s business. 

Business People:

The whole concept of doing business has changed, they don’t need the people they required before and the business model failed or changed.

Work From Home People:

Working from Home is Cool. we do miss our office, especially that was the buddies hangout place and the place we hit for a hangout with Old Buddies. WFH was tough earlier now is new normal. Either your workload is increased with Paycut or Not, your earlier thought of Big ‘Naah’ to WFH has now changed. Even families how had the mantra of leaving the work at your workplace have to live with this new just out norm.

All cases, we need to start with New Business or New Type of Business or with New Business Dynamics to stay floating in present and near future.

Questions to Ask Before Starting a Business with ‘No Investment’ 

Business grows over the Capital, some grow the business at the Rate of Simple Intrest Rate, Some on Compound Interest Rate, and Some Collapse earlier because they are not growing and inflation is taking out her pie from the Capital.

Why we are talking about capital when we are building our Business with ‘No Capital Investment’ or ‘Low Investment’. But the question has to be What we are investing in case we are not investing in Business or investing a few dollars of the money a ‘Low Investment Deal’.

What we are Investing in Business If it’s not capital?

What are our expectations from the Business?

What happens in the case of ‘Failure’?

Is Doing Business is just another Hobby?

Is Business a Side Hustle to kept Busy?

Have ‘No Idea’ about it?

Doing Because of everyone around is DOing or Planning?

Myths about Business

Business grows with ‘Speed of Light’

The success of Business is ‘Luck By Chance’

Business can be built without ‘Capital’

Our Friends and Family will ‘Support us’

Our Friends will be our ‘pilot customers’ and ‘loyal customers’

Business does not grow with the ‘Speed of Light’ just like the invention of ‘Aeroplane’ Wright Brothers did it in 1903, now its more than 100 Year still are traveling at the comfortable flying speed. There is ‘n’ number of factor to be successful in Business.

Test and test and again test and continue testing your self in the market is ‘Key to Successful Business

Business does not start and grows without ‘Capital’, in the business definition of business is ‘Investment’ you can do to start the Business. Your Skills, Time, Relationship, and attitude along with the Money is the ‘Capital’ you invested. 

Friends and Family supported us to Start a Business, are you in the ‘Business Tycon Family’ or Business Class Family. They are opportunists too and deserve a Pie in Success. 

Friends are ‘Pilot Customers’, they want to try for ‘free’ like ‘Jio’

Warren Buffett – Advice for Entrepreneurs

Own Experience

Tried for many years without any skill set and no capital was like the process of digging up my own grave in someone as back yard because I don’t have my own yard.

Collaborate with someone who has time and was earning a ‘Pay Check’ and fails.

Collaborate with People will low skill set and lack of vision because of limited and ‘No Money’, we were trying to build a business out of thin Air and again ‘Idea’ vanish in ‘Air’.

Reliable Partner with skills but ‘emotional family guy’ Fucked Up and parish in daily routine life hurdles.

A trustworthy friend and partner with the bend of skills but ‘Idea’ our ‘Business Idea’ was not on the Top of the Priority List. Doesn’t worked out. 

A reliable, trustworthy, loyal friend and partner with the right skills but ‘No Idea’ about the business dynamics and No executable revenue stream ends up in a couple of months with ‘No Money’.

This is I’m writing about how I failed 


Planning for Business Online or Offline Business and have No Capital and No Skill Set, go out have some or develop a hobby, and built and interest meet peoples online and offline. 

Stick to trending locally and globally, study global leaders and researches and business. Roam around in your locality and keep yourself updated. 

The most important thing, try to understand people. People made business, business is made out of Peoples for the People and by people like us who like to have a business.

Had seen people after a couple of years of business, graduated in Business. But there are People like ‘Mukesh Ambani’ who got Doctorate in Business (Honorary) from the Universities.

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