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Expressing love and care is a must in every relation. Brother and sister relation is one precious association and the bond grows stronger with age. A beautiful way to express love to your beloved brother is just by tying Rakhi on the auspicious day Raksha Bandhan. With Do It Yourself Rakhi DIY Ideas are adding flavor on the sweetest occasion for Sibling love. 

You need not be an experienced artist to create your own Rakhi, but just spend some time and follow a systematic procedure that helps you in creating an adorable Rakhi.

Here are a few Rakhi DIY ideas which are easy in making your customized Rakhi as per your choice to bewitch your brother with an unusual talent. 

Rakhi DIY Ideas for the Year 2020

Paper Quilling Rakhi

If you plan to keep your Rakhi simple, then the quilling Rakhi is the best option. In order to make the super cute Rakhi with quilling all, you need are the high-quality quilling paper, needle, thread, sparkling stones if necessary, and glue gun.

  • Take the quilling paper and make the simple shapes which are easy with simple rolling. 
  • Use the needle and paper to make various shapes.
  • Make the round shape or turn the paper to a simple teardrop and stick it as your love too. 
  • Brighten the Rakhi with simple kundans or stones and stick it with the glue to the thread.

Soft foam Rakhi

Especially for kids who are very young and love to tie Rakhi to their brother, which is handmade the soft foam is a perfect choice. Pick a satin ribbon, soft foam in various shapes and sizes, glue, carton stickers of your choice, buttons, or stones that are fancy to create a Rakhi that brings an adorable smile.

  • Use the big one first and then place the similar shaped soft foam pads of different colors and sizes. 
  • Stick different sizes accordingly and add a sticker or a colorful button.
  • Decorate it in your style and make a handmade Rakhi with a personalized touch. 

Strings Dhaaga for Elder Brothers

A Rakhi with strings is one beautiful way to decorate the brother’s hand. Whatever may be your choice of material, making a soft Rakhi is possible with silk thread, wool, macramé strings, and many more. Take the material of your own choice and add charm to the Rakhi using some interesting and trendy embellishments.

  • Twist the colorful strings in a different style, braid it, and add unique shaped beads.
  • Add pearls or any pendant, semi-precious or precious stones turn the simple Rakhi funky.
  • Pairing the strings with awesome pendant offers an urbanized look. 

Rakhi with The Material Available at home:

All you have to do is just collect the Jute string or any other string which is strong enough to hold the buttons. Gain a rich appearance by pairing it with some sparkling stones.

Create a Rakhi with a cool look adding some buttons.

Rakhi’s available in Open Market

Starting from platinum, gold, silver, and many more varieties of Rakhi are easily available in the market and one can choose as per their budget. But use a unique handmade Rakhi, which is extremely precious that the one you purchase to your sibling who loves each and every aspect of his sister.

Surprise your loving and caring brother with the fantastic Rakhi made by your own for the grand occasion and celebrate your eternal bond of love in a delightful manner.

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