Night King was Targaryen | Game of Thrones Episode 3 Season 8

got finale season episode 3
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Night King at Winterfell in Game of Thrones wakes me up early this week too, to saw the WAR

A Predictable War between White Walker or Dead and Life for Living, In Last Episode Dead, were there in Winterfell.

Red Head Witch is in Winterfell for the Reason

got red witch

Dragon of Fire Vs Dragon of White

got dragon

Winterfell under Zombie Apocalypse

night king at winterfell

Leader of the White Walkers is Targaryen

(Rides Dragon, Fire can’t Burns and His Symbol )

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got night king is targaryen

Sir Jorah Rescues Daenerys Again

game of thrones jorah

He is for Bran

bran stark

Arya is Hero by Taking on Night King

arya take on night king

Hope your the liked the Game of Thrones Season Finale’s Episode 3 by Now or May Be tonight.

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