Mad Dragon Queen of Destruction [Game of Thrones S8 Episode 5] 12th May 2019

game of thrones episode 5 season 8
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Game of Thrones Season Finale, Episode 5 belongs to Dragon Queen and Her Madness.

The question which was Raised in Last Episode 4 Season 8 of Game of Throne.

Who will be a Better for Iron Throne?

true iron throne heir

Lord Varys Backs ‘Jon Snow’ for ‘Iron Throne’

lord varys backs jon for throne

‘Lord Varys’ Execution with ‘Dragon Fire’

lord Varys execution with dragon fire

tyrion lannister

Tyrion Lannister Rescue Jaime Lannister to Ring ‘The Bell’ to Avoid Blood Bath in ‘Kings Landing’

tyrion lannister resuce jaime for 'The Bell'

Confident Cercie before the ‘War’

cersie before the war

Dragon on Sky Before the Attack on King Landing’s Ships

dragon attack on ships

euron greyjoy

Euron Greyjoy Ships before war

dragon on ships of euron greyjoy

Dragon Burned the Ships of Euron Greyjoy

dragon burning ships

Euron Ships Burnt by Dragon

Dragon Burning the Fleet of Cercie

dragon burnt the euron ships

Jon with Tyrion and Lord Davos at Gate Before the war, Waiting for ‘The Bell’

jon with army on gate before the war

fleet waiting to attack

Dragon Opens the Kings Landing Gate in His Own Way

dragon burnt the gate

Dragon burnt the Gate for her fleet

Tyrion Lannister After the Burning at Gate of ‘Kings Landing’

tyrion lannister at gate of kings landing

King’s Landing Doors Closed for ‘Common’

kings landing city doors closed for common

Arya and Hound Enters Kings Landing to Kill the Cercie

arya and hound in kings landing

Dragon Burning the Kings Landing Posts

dragon burning post

dragon burning the army posts of kings landing

Dragon on the Post

Hound told to Leave the city to Arya to Live a Life

hound and arya

Dragon Queen’s Army Enters the City

jon with unsully and other entering kings landing

dragon army in kings landing

Lannister Surrender

lannister surender

lannister men

Jon Holding the Fleet to Stop Killing the Lannister

jon holding the fleet for bloodshed

Tyrion Lannister waiting for ‘The Bell’

tyrion lannister

Cercie Ease After Heard the ‘The Bell’

cercie easy after the The Bell

‘The Bell’ Doesn’t Hold Dragon Queen to Stop Burning the ‘Kings Landing’

buring city of kings landing

Hound Vs Mountain

Hound V Mountain

mountain is monster

mountain the Monster

Jaime take on Euron Grejoy

jaime kills euron

Dragon Fire in All over the City of ‘Kings Landing’

dragon burning the city of kings landing

kings landing burnt by dragon

kings landing under fire

king's landing under ashes

kings landing burning

Jon Retreat from Kings Landing with his Army

jon retreat

Cersei Scared, Being Alone

scared cersie

Jaime with Cercie

jaime and cersei

Arya Survived in the City Burning and Have a Purpose of Life Beyond the Revenge

arya life purpose

Kings Landing Burnt into Ashes.

Dragon Queen, Acts like her Father Mad King.

She with Broken Heart and Betrayed Burnt All

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Like Mad Kings Last Command to ‘Jaime’

Burn Them All‘ 

After the Dragon’s Madness, Next Episode of Game of Throne will Be ‘Battle for Throne’ or ‘Battle of Sides’

Dragon Queen ‘Dany’ V ‘Jon Snow’

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