Kritika K in ‘Hunches ‘n’ Punches’ in June’2020 Edition

Kritika Khetrapal
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Kritika Khetarpal, Director & Designer, Couture Label: Kritika K in our Series of ‘Hunches ‘n’ Punches’ in our June’2020 Edition in an email Interview for


 “All this while, I kept telling myself that my passion made me start Kritika K and I would not give up at any instance”, Kritika Khetarpal.


Q1. What made you choose Fashion Designing as a career?

I have always wanted to contribute something to the fashion world. My love for “Fashion” got me into it. Moreover, I didn’t want to bind my creativity from 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening or do an MBA program for stability.

So, I chose my fascination as my profession. 

Q2. What according to you is the favorite part of being a designer?

People wear our creations. They make us a part of their celebrations and memories by wearing something that we fabricate. Being a part of the important occasions in their lives like this is adorably the best part of being a fashion designer.

Q3. The designs you create are so specialized, who and which things are your inspiration while creating such designs?

A lot of my inspiration comes from contemporary and traditional designs with a modern twist. Maybe because I lived in India then went to Italy.

Both being influential when it comes to cultures! I make sure that my designs are comfortable and graceful delineating the inner beauty of anyone who wears them, keeping up with the current and upcoming trends.

Q4. What was that one thing you learned as a lesson forever in designing while you were pursuing your styling program from Italy?

My forever lesson is that “Fashion keeps changing. Being a designer, I should be updated whatever is happening in the industry. It’s all aesthetics.

Creativity has no limitations. In fashion, there is no dress right or wrong, which anybody can judge you upon”.

Q5. What challenges have you faced all this while, learning and showcasing Kritika K?

The transition from being a fashion designer to an entrepreneur was the biggest challenge. Both contrast in nature. Learning about operations, productions, marketing, and getting my brand out there was the biggest learning curve in creating Kritika K, to what it is now!

Moreover, I faced other challenges too. In the process of taking it further, I realized that there is an understanding gap between the designer and the clients. They want a good designer quality product but always at a very low price without considering the efforts which went into creating one masterpiece. Slowly I learned to curb the gap.

All this while, I kept telling myself that my passion made me start Kritika K and I would not give up at any instance. As a young fashion designer, I wasn’t aware of bits n tricks of carrying out a fully-fledged business. As soon as I graduated from college, without taking a breath I wanted my vision to come into reality.

I started working on my designs, took up exhibitions to showcase my work because this industry is full of competition. Thanks to my endeavor, people really appreciated Kritika K, the label. This kept me motivated and going up all the way.

Q6. What is “Fashion” according to you?

Fashion is feeling beautiful about yourself.. creating an impact on who you are and getting inspired by your surroundings.

‘Fashion’ Defined by Vikings

Q7. A message for all our readers from your side.

Be Comfortable with what you wear. Make your own ‘Fashion Statement’. Don’t follow fashion blindly. Always remember every day is a fashion show and the world is a runway..!!

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