INFIDELITY –An Affair to Remember

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It is Human and we all do things that hurt one another knowingly or unknowingly. We never decide to succumb to lustful desires or seduction. All happens in the heat of the moment without
much thought after consequences. Infidelity catches you like fire. And before you know it all has transpired leaving you guilty, however, you may feel it was justifiable in your given circumstances.

Some choose to do so as an act of passive revenge. It seems fair to cheat on the partner who was emotionally or physically unavailable. And your logical mind says Yes to It! Consequences forgotten men or women become a victim of Lust and Infidelity in marriage or in the relationship.

Infidelity in Modern Society

Infidelity is an inevitable affair in our modern society strung between trials of time & temptations. Guilt, hurt, betrayal, and shame are some of the most tormenting feelings men or
women go through when they discover infidelity by chance or confession by their partner.

Some partners become numb, mute, and frozen with suffering, while others become uncontrollably filled with rage.

Depression creeps in where there’s a silence, lack of open communication, or cold war with no desire to understand or resolve the issue. Leading to Divorce mostly!

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While others sweep things under the rug pretending as if “it never happened”. But that doesn’t usually work for long as the hurt surfaces sooner or later to haunt the relationship until both the partners forgive and embrace with new hope And then one day as you wake up to your finer senses you realize the damage not only to the relationship but you yourself!

You can’t afford to live with this guilt. Nor can you continue to live under the same roof. You need to bury yourself as you can’t face another, innocent or deserving. As we know it Time Reveals Everything.

Nothing goes hidden for long. Lipstick on your collar, scent of his musk, lingering smile, loss of sexual intimacy, expenses soaring, secret getaway holidays, soon becomes apparent.

Women Six Sence:

Discovering an affair

Fortunately or unfortunately woman is gifted with intuition and sixth sense. She catches and suspects her man long before a man can catch his partner’s secret affair.

The question here is not who to blame?

Why did it happen at all? What took over?

Can we deny that we were responsible for this whether you are at the receiving end or the doer?

I believe in most cases both are!

Instead of accusing and judging one another It’s important to own it and face it! It’s not a single man’s job!

Both can mindfully and empathically resolve it.

Relationship after Infidelity in Marriage: An Expert View

An affair or One Night Stand doesn’t have to be the End of the World. Nor should it be a Goodbye without a Second Chance. Love Challenges, it never was an easy course.

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Let past be Past! Every Moment is a Chance and Choice to Love Again! But before that, you will have to decide if your relationship is worth saving and transforming.

Spending time and energetically re-connecting, reconsidering, empathetically listening to one another by understanding each person’s perspective on what and why it happened. This will pave way for more mutual responsibility, more re-bonding, open heart, fulfilling each other’s needs &fantasies too.

The relationship requires both Physical and Emotional Fulfillment to Last a Lifetime. And before you know it you will soon be recovering and transforming your relationship on a better note than ever! Yes!

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Isn’t it True with Every Crisis We Grow Closer, More Aware, More Responsible More Compassionate, and much Dissolves with Love!

Expert Advice on Relationships

Remember Everyone wants to feel Wanted, Loved, Desired, Cherished, Nourished, and Balancing the Receiving and Giving of the same makes it a Lifelong Romance! Don’t take each other for granted, Relationships is a Delicate Affair Handle with Care! Don’t just fulfill duties and chores, Be a Lover! Woo, your man and woman are small gestures.

It’s Your Love Story, make it Beautiful!

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