House Husband 2.0- A New Gene in Society

House Husband 2.0 working from home husbands in 2020
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House Husband definition or meaning according to the Cambridge Dictionary “a man who stays at home and cleans the house, takes care of the children, etc. while his partner goes out to work”. According to the definition, He stays home for household chaos, and making money for living not necessary as housewives Do. Now we have a New Version of House Husband 2.0 in our Society. 


What/Who is House Husband 2.0 

House Husband 2.0, a newer version of the male spouse shaped over time and now very much present in the urban cities like our Gurgaon (Gurugram), Bangalore, and more in India. 

The year 2020 had seen the rise of ‘House Husband’ 2.0 in our neighborhood. Earlier in Year due to a lockdown couples stuck in staycations in their beautiful houses.

People build the hobbies of staying fit, cooking, and start taking part in Household things with their wives to enjoying the staycation. Also because of house help and maids are not available, are barred by the Societies and RWAs as a preventive measure of Covid19 during the lockdown. 

With the intensity of work to earn, makes the couple to resume work from home or going for work for limited hours or Days leads to them spending more and more time at home. 

Tuned into to Stay Tuned with House Husband 2.0

Maths after the ‘Unlock’

Men are fools’ they are sharing more dishes on their Instagram handle then they cook, and appreciation and fame for more likes make them dig more into the experiment and learn the cooking and their Wives love teaching the new rookies at Home. 

‘Its a long term Strategy’

These Naive husbands for the sake of being Foodie and to impress their wives and more followers and likes, they pushed themselves into the heat of the kitchen.

Husbands is an ecologist too, they are also busy working for home and going for work for the Sake of Money. 

Hence, the New Definition of House Husband 2.0 is, “A man who is equally or totally take care of the household chaos along with work or make some kind of arrange of home-based business to keep his responsibility as earning money.

Now, it’s common from the Wives to their Husband ‘ Honey your ‘Panner Burji’ is ultimate, can we have tonight’. 

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