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Monsoon just hit the Indian Coasts, Mumbai facing heavy rains. Monsoon refreshes the ecosystem and brings back life. In India, we Celebrate  Van Mahotsav Every year in July the first week to create awareness and plantation of trees and plants. This means its the time to plant new gorgeous greens. Here are few Gardening Tips for the Monsoon Season.

Gardening in Monsoon

Any garden will not look luscious and green simply by sowing seeds or planting stalks. They need enough care coupled with patient labor. Monsoons are the best time of the year for Gardening. But, it is not entirely correct.

Monsoon Season Challenges for Gardening

Every season has its problems, and monsoons are not an exception. Monsoons can turn out destructive and disastrous to your garden if proper care is not taken. Decreased sunlight characterises the torrential downpour seen during this season and can affect proper plant growth by causing dormancy and yellowing of the greens. The high humidity and lodged water can cause root rot and decay. 

Therefore, here are few Gardening Tips for Monsoon Season your rescue, to bring in blissful shades to your lovely greens.

Gardening Tips for Monsoon Season

Controlled water supply:

gardening in raining season

This is one key consideration during monsoon gardening. Excess water just like water scarcity is a major problem for the greens as it can rot the plants. So always remember not to water plants during a heavy pour.

Soil Science:

kitchen garden soil

You don’t need to be a soil scientist but some common sense matters. Monsoons are marked by continuous and torrential downpours, which should be drained easily. Therefore, use porous and quick drain soil, so that water lodging within the pots can be prevented to a greater extent.


Do not forget to add some fertilizers to your garden soil. Earthworms are believed to be farmer’s friends as they are known to enrich the soil. Do make use of natural fertilizers like the manure and support these by using fertilizer sprays.


Getting rid of unnecessary plants that arise during rains is an important thing. The weeds can interfere with the proper growth of the plants. So make sure to pull away from the weeds now and then during monsoons.

The Moss:

Green patches over the surface of the soil as well as on the pots are a common sight during the monsoons. Get rid of the algae that take advantage of the rain. Even your pots can form prey for the moss. Unchecked and ignored algal growth in your garden can indicate immense trouble that can result in rotting the plant.


Monsoons are welcome signs for grisly whirlwinds. These can cause maximum damage to the long branches in your garden. Take care to trim your greens to prevent any unwanted consequences that can turn out troublesome.

The Bugs and the Ticks:

Insects are a real menace during monsoons. The rainfall brings in insects that visit your garden and ruin it. Take care of these bugs by allowing frogs and toads to jump into your gardens.

Kitchen Gardening in Monsoon Season

After all, your greens can get thick and strong during this season and can ease your work. All you need to do is ensure good drainage, precise pruning, and well-defined weeding techniques for a resourceful monsoon. So simply, turn your green thumbs up and enjoy gardening in the ideal monsoons, which are marked by the looming clouds. 

Hope your like Our expert guide on Gardening Tips for Monsoon Season.

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