Diwali Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Diwali Home Decoration
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Diwali is right around the corner, and it’s about time we start sprucing up our homes! And no we are not talking about an entire interior makeover, but about the little things that can make a huge difference in your Diwali Decoration for Home in the Year 2020.

Although this  Diwali we won’t be as socially active as it was the previous year, due to the current pandemic that our country is facing, it also means more time with family members.

Here are some tips on how to dress up your home this festive season. 

Home Decoration Ideas for Diwali Festival Season

Cushions, cushions, and more cushions:

There is never a wrong time to buy some cushions for your home, be it for a sofa, beds, divans, or even floor cushions. And keeping the festive season in mind, don’t hesitate from picking that shimmery metallic tone cushion covers. 

From bold prints to floral designs, from beige linen to starkly blue velvet, bring out your true personalities using cushion covers. 

Cushions for Home Decor


Whether it is natural lighting, or accent lighting, or mood lighting, lights play one of the most crucial roles in deciding the tone and mood of the room.

Maybe this Diwali, it’s time for you to invest in that much-awaited floor lamp or that beautiful layered ceiling hang lights as a part of Diwali Decoration.

Since it’s Diwali time, votives and mason jar candles are back in trend. From relaxing lavender or ylang-ylang to fresh orange and lemongrass fragrances, there’s a variety of options to choose from. 

Opt for warm white tones in your bulbs and tube lights to add depth and warmth to the room, unless the room is not used by kids to study, refrain from using crystal white tones in your lighting fixtures. 


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decoration lights for festival season

Forget Perfectionism:

The year 2020 has thrown out the concept of perfectionism in each and every corner of the house. As the ‘wabi-sabi’ trend made a comeback in 2018, it is still topping the charts with it’s “more real “ way of handling décor this festive season of Diwali.

Distressed look on dining tables and chairs, Rough finishes on tabletops, country and rustic look on furniture mixed with eclectic contemporary accessories. 


Festivals are all about family and friends coming together to have a great time, which often includes food !!

Investing in a good cutlery/dining set is a must. Creating a glamorous dining area for your guests is a great idea to brighten up your Diwali evening. 

You can choose from using fresh flowers in a glass vase or unique centerpieces. Make sure to use your best china for table setting and set it up before your guests arrive.

For that extra oomph, replace your regular placemats and runners with some festive shinny placemats. And don’t forget to add votives and candles throughout the table! 

Bring nature indoors:

A dash of freshness can improve not only the texture of any food but also your home !! 

From hanging indoor plants to gorgeous mega-sized potted plants, these days there’s a ton of option to choose from. Utilize that empty corner by a tall plant.

Freshen-up your corridor and connecting alleys with a row of plants. Use empty wine and beer bottles to make your own DIY indoor plant pot that you can place in bathrooms and even on kitchen counters

Just make sure to not use Faux plants, as that is worse than not having any plants. 2020 sees a huge trend of only real plants. 


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Indoor plants for home decor

Don’t forget the outdoors: 

If you have a beautiful garden, a petite terrace garden, or even a small cozy balcony, a house is never fully dressed up if you leave the outdoor out dressed.

Add comfortable seating, 2020 has seen a major comeback for cane and wicker furniture for outdoors and the outset of metal furniture.

Make the outdoor more elegant and trendy with Ceramic table tops, earthenware accents, hanging plants, floor oversized candles. 


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Hope you liked the ideas for your Home Decoration for this Festival Season,

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Written by: Aprajita Bhargava Bhasin

Company: East Lifestyle –  Bespoke Luxury furniture studio

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