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Borat Subsequent moviefilm review
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Borat is back in America after 14 years, the world-famous Kazaki Journalist ‘Borat Sagdiyev’ this time along with a secret weapon his daughter Tutar (Maria Bakalova, a Bulgarian actress) the oldest virgin in their home country Kazakhstan.  

Sacha Baron Cohen the British actors make it again to America, this time for a ‘Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan’. Borat 2 ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’ is a 2020 American vie film directed by Jason Woliner in his feature directorial debut.

Borat 2 ( Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan) is a Sequal to 2006’s Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Borat 2 ( Borat Subsequent Moviefilm) released on Amazon Prime on 23rd October 2020.


Story Plot of Movie ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’

Borat Sagdiyev was Sentenced 14 years ago for the failed assignment, and waiting for execution back home in Kazakhstan. Borat was shown in the mockumentary breaking rocks.

And one fine bright day was released to deliver another mission to America while traveling the world along with the Minister of Culture ( A Monkey). 

Borat was supposed to meet President McDonald Trump but failed to do so then to save himself, Borat got another order from Nursultan Nazarbayev to meet Mike Pence the Vice President, and later manage to meet the former New York City Mayor and Lawyer of Trump Rudy Giuliani who is close to Trump and like big Breasts.

Borat Daughter Tutar is just 15 years old teen and to make her look sexy he took her to the Cosmetic surgery for breast implants and paid the bills in Cash. 

A night before the surgery, Tutar was with a babysitter and she drives her to the hospital. That night Tutar talks about the child bride, sexuality, and adulthood talks and realizes that she was living with conspiracy stories. 

Tutar then meets a group of the republican club of women and explores more about womanhood and masturbation and on other hand, in the peak of Covid 19 Pandemic Lockdown spends a couple of days with two American republican fans and they discussed Clinton, Obama. 


‘Clinton drinks the blood of kids”


These guys also help the re-union father-daughter duo in a rally, Tutar sets up an interview with Rudy Giuliani in a Hotel Room.

Borat meets the baby sitter and she convinces him to change his mind and he pops in during the interview and when they moved inside the bedroom. 

Borat comes in Pink Bikini shouting ‘She is too old for you’ and with such an embarrassment Giuliani left the hotel and Borat runs out of the hotel with his daughter.

Borat and Tutat come back to their home for the execution but bosses spared them because the actual mission of Kazakhstan was to spread the Corona Virus through Borat. 

Borat trick with facetime Nursultan Nazarbayev for giving him his job back and changing Kazakhstan’s misogynistic laws to bring some positive changes in the society And now both father-daughter duo is hosting a new public game ‘the Running of the American’. 

It features exaggerated versions of Trump supporters pretending to spread COVID-19 and kill an effigy of Anthony Fauci.


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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’ Official Trailer

Borat 2 Review


Borat 2 ‘ChaaiCoffee’ Rating

Direction: 4/5

Cast: 4/5



Visual appeal:3.5/5

Borat the Original was released in the Year  2006’s Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan was the Pre Youtube era when pranksters were not hovering on the city. And the Boran the Sacha Baron Cohen was the Real inventor of ‘Pranks’ on the Streets on American Soil. People go crazy about it and also some get offended by the foul language with agreement and disagreements. 

The earlier movie set the higher expectation from Sacha ‘Borat’ Baron Cohen to deliver the same and higher expectation but this movie is more about his daughter Tutar. 

Tutar was on the adventure ride to new land America where she meets new people and Facebook and broke out of the misogynistic laws and Conspiracy stories. She got enlighted and hosts the interview like a real anchor.

With a New Director on the chair, and new characters in the movie filming in the mysteriously on the streets and high streets on the road trip. Altogether a great act of appreciation and very bold to deliver but no comparison from the earlier ‘Borat’ movie.


Based on social media mentions, MarketCast tracked 1.1 million hits across the week leading up to and just following the film’s release; that left it second only to Hamilton in mentions in 2020.


The cast of the Movie ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’


  • Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat Margaret Sagdiyev, a Kazakh news reporter who has achieved international fame and notoriety after the release of Borat, and who has been imprisoned in Kazakhstan for the past 14 years for being perceived to have brought shame to the country.[5]
  • Maria Bakalova as Tutar Sagdiyev, Borat’s teenage daughter. Bakalova was initially credited as Irina Nowak but later reports revealed Bakalova’s involvement.[6][7]
  • Dani Popescu as Premier Nursultan Nazarbayev, a fictionalized version of Kazakhstan’s leader of the same name.[8][9][10]
  • Tom Hanks as himself
  • Manuel Vieru as Dr. Yamak (Gypsy Tears), who infects Borat with COVID-19, making him patient zero in the pandemic
  • Miroslav Tolj as Nursultan Tulyakbay, Borat’s hated neighbor who steals his family and property while Borat is in prison
  • Alin Popa as HueyLewis / Jeffrey Epstein Sagdiyev, Borat’s son. Popa replaced Stonie from the first film.
  • Ion Gheorghe as Bilak Sagdiyev, Borat’s son
  • Nicolae Gheorghe as Biram Sagdiyev, Borat’s son
  • Marcela Codrea as a Kuczek villager
  • Luca Nelu as a Kuczek villager
  • Nicoleta Ciobanu as Babuska
  • Rita Wilson as herself
  • Jason Woliner as a bystander in Australia


Borat 2 and the Controversies


Sued for Fraud: 

For including an interview with Holocaust survivor Judith Dim Evans without her consent for commercial use by her heirs. She died before the film’s release and the lawsuit was dismissed on October 26th, 2020.


Babysitter ‘Jeanise Jones’

Babysitter Jeanise Jones felt “betrayed” by the filmmakers for not disclosing the commercial intent for the shoot of the documentary the makers of ‘Borat’ told her that she was going to be in a documentary about a young woman being groomed to marry an older man.

The ‘Borat’ Baron-Cohen himself donated $100,000 to her community of Oklahoma City, with funds disbursed by her church.

A GoFundMe campaign started by Jones’ pastor already raised $100K and still counting. 

Jones' pastor GoFundme Campainge for babysitter

Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani was criticized for his actions during and after the interview in the bedroom for putting hands inside his pants in front of the anchor. 

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump called Baron Cohen an “unfunny” “creep”, Baron-Cohen subsequently thanked him for the free publicity, saying that he did not find President Trump funny either.


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Sacha Baron Cohen the Borat

Controversial in Kazakhstan

the original film being censored for a period and Baron Cohen’s website blocked in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstanis took to Twitter with the hashtag #CancelBorat

An online petition urging the film to be canceled garnered over 100,000 signatures along with some small protesters come forward in front of the American embassy in Almaty on the day of the premiere of Borat 2.

Guide to all the characters in Borat 2 Subsequent Moviefilm, presented in order of appearance

In Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, Sacha Baron Cohen shows the world as a Great prankster 
‘The Real Godfather’ of pranksters with high profiles in his tour de America.

Nursultan Nazarbayev

Played by Romanian actor Dani Popescu, this fictionalized Nursultan Nazarbayev is a Kazakh leader who wants to be part of Donald Trump’s “strongman club” alongside the likes of Putin and “Kenneth West.

The real Nursultan Nazarbayev was Kazakhstan’s president Since independence from USSR from 1990 till 2019. 

Nursultan allegedly never held a free and fair election during his tenure and was accused of massive corruption, including laundering over $1 billion from the nation. 

He resigned in the wake of protests against the government’s unfair treatment of average citizens, though he remains the chairman of the Security Council for life, a highly powerful position, and is still the head of the country’s ruling party, Nur Otan. 

Jonny the Monkey (Minister of Culture, Kazakhstan )

No. 1 porn star, Jonny is the intended gift for Vice-President Michael Pence, his movie are Angry Snakes on Gypsy Boat, Squirrels Gone Wild, and Transibiersky Ekspress Too. The last film co-stars Julianne Moore and Colin Firth.

Tutar Sagdiyev

 24-year-old Bulgarian actress Maria Bakalova, whose credits include a few films from her home country and the Italian TV show Gomorrah.

Overall, it’s a pretty stunning mainstream debut for the actress, whose casting was kept under wraps by Amazon



A salesperson at an electronics store, he helps Borat get a cell phone and teaches him how to use FaceTime and Google.

In the climax, helping to protect Borat from Nazarbayev’s plot to ruin the world with COVID.

Macy Chanel

An “influencer,” Chanel’s Instagram page currently has no posts, and her website is listed as private. 

She can be seen in a promotional video for SeekingArrangement, a site that sets up attractive women with wealthier older men, alongside her husband, Randy, who is two decades older.

Pastor Jonathan Bright

Bright is the founder and executive director of Faith for Fathers, a South Carolina Christian organization which “helps dads leave a Godly legacy.” 

Borat and Tutar visit him at a crisis pregnancy center.

Dr. Jean Sheffield

A “debutante coach,” Sheffield advises Tutar on how to be an elegant woman and explains to Borat that the girl can do anything she wants, even if she’s having her monthly “moon blood” (his words, not hers). 

Mike Pence

Mike Pence the Vice President of America was in the movie scene while giving a keynote address at CPAC.

Baron-Cohen ‘Borat’ spending five hours in a men’s-room stall and dressing up in a Trump costume, fat suit and all, that he smuggled into the conference under a KKK robe.

Dr. Charles Wallace

Dr.  Charles Wallace runs the Beauty by Design “center and med spa” in Dallas.

Jeanise Jones

Jeanise Jones, a professional babysitter who is charged with watching Tutar while Borat tries to make enough money for her plastic surgery.

Alan “Randy” Knight

An old man going along for a bizarre ride at Wooten’s Barbershop, a small men’s salon where Borat cuts his hair.

Judith Dim Evans

Evans was a Holocaust survivor, born in Germany in 1932, and she explains that Jews are not evil and that the Holocaust really did happen, despite what Facebook says.

Jerry Holleman and Jim Russell

Baron-Cohen spent five days in character living with Holleman and Russell, two Trump-loving QAnon believers who took him in during the pandemic.

Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani is shown drinking Scotch and talking about how COVID-19 was manufactured by the Chinese before he and Bakalova retreat to a bedroom, where he tells her, “You can give me your phone number and your address,” pats her on the lower back as they remove their microphones, then reclines on the bed with his hand quite far down his pants.

Tom Hanks

In a brief cameo that reveals it was Borat who infected him with COVID


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About Movie

COVID-19, the US Presidential elections 2020, Racism, Feminism, and anti-Semitism are all commented upon apart from the ubiquitous smartphones and Internet searches.

Borat appears in a variety of disguises, including a pink bikini in that much-publicized encounter with Rudy Giuliani.


Best Quotes of Borat from Movie Borat 2 ( Borat Subsequent Moviefilm)


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