Being Pregnant: Journey towards Motherhood

Being Pregnant
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Being pregnant is a wonderful feeling. It must be horrendous, torturous and what not. But no! Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful phases of a woman’s life, of course after motherhood.

How does it feel to be pregnant?

People have been describing pregnancy as a disease. But, trust me, it isn’t..!

Alright, let us go one by one.

Firstly and most importantly let us talk about the physical aspects of pregnancy.

Being Pregnant Symptoms

Not getting into the physiological process of pregnancy, more of what women feel during it.

Firstly, the process of conception is very difficult to understand process. Many factors like the time of coitus, physical and mental stress levels of both the partners, the problem-free uterus of the woman, and sperms of perfect quality and quantity of the man are considered to be few of the important ones. Yes, there is nausea and vomiting and restlessness, but come on..! Another human being is created inside you. And there’s much more to pregnancy than just this. Your hair grows like you are this generation’s Rapunzel, your nails shine bright.

The most amazing feeling in pregnancy is NO PERIODS! Period! No worrying about what colour clothes you are wearing, no worrying about the sudden arrival of your menses..such big liberty, no?

God wouldn’t have had made this journey if it were so horrible and so painful. And oh yes, the almighty even gives us the strength to go through all of it happily.

Relationship after Pregnancy

Relationships turn over a new leaf during this phase. The partner inadvertently becomes more caring and loving. He starts asking whether you had your meals, whether everything is fine at your workplace, whether there is some kind of physical issue and the list continues. You get all the attention you have been craving from him.

You never miss receiving a peck on your belly and your cheeks too. You will be presented with little gifts and chocolates. You feel like a teen girlfriend altogether. Not only the husband but all your family starts looking at lovingly. Even if you have a bossy mother in law, she will start smiling at you.

You have an all-new level of respect for your mother. All your friends start pampering you with baby showers. The love you get is overwhelming.

Responsible Life with Child inside You

You feel like you are having a new life rather than giving birth to a live thing. You feel more responsible towards life and yourself. You feel happy that motherhood is going to come your way.

A new member of your family, a new part of your life.


Neighbors & Friends towards You after Being Pregnant

On a lighter note, you can wear your favorite clothes without worrying about the belly bulge. Everyone will look at you and say that you look adorable.

Even strangers you meet alongside the road or in the mall try to help you. You can eat all the desserts you want to eat without any guilt. The little one in you makes sure you get every food you crave for. You can take all the rest in the world if you feel like it.

Nobody will say a word if you become one lazy couch potato for a while. And above all this, there is no other feeling in this world like seeing your little one pop out from you with all those little toes and fingers, which marks the end of this phase and the start of yet another phase which will be even longer and much beautiful…

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