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What is the world without the internet today? Libraries have been replaced by e-books, movie theatres and television have been replaced by Netflix, and every real-life object and activity has a virtual counterpart. It should probably be of no surprise to you that online gaming, which provides you every type of real-world game on a virtual platform, and then some more, has become the next big thing. Whether it’s multiplayer video games, or something as simple as Minecraft, online games are all the rage. An important sector of online gaming is online betting games, which have experienced a massive popularity boost in the last year. While complicated games like Poker, rummy, and blackjack have always existed, a simple game is slowly gaining popularity, especially in India. This simple game is fun, exciting and easy to play! You can play Andar Bahar for free at just to see what the fuss is about. Let’s now figure out what the deal is with this newly popular game.


What is Andar- Bahar?


Are the rules of Poker too difficult for you? Do you want something easy and simple, something that takes up less time, something that is fun? This simple card game, whose origins can be traced back to Bangalore, is just the thing for you. This game is a combination of strategic guessing and luck. All you require is a laptop or mobile phone, and an internet connection.


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What are the rules?


Originally called ‘Katti’, this game essentially divides the table into two sides, left (‘andar’) and right (‘bahar’). One card is picked out and placed in the middle. Eventually, the dealer starts dealing the cards onto both the left and right side. When a card matching the value of the one card in the middle appears, the game ends. Anyone who has guessed the side which the matching card is going to end up on wins the game. If the first card drawn is from the red suit, the dealing starts from andar, however, if the first card drawn is from the black suit, then the dealing starts from bahar. A single deck of cards is used. The player places their bet at the beginning of the game. You can bet money or play it for free. If the card appears on the same side, your winnings get doubled, but if it falls on the opposite side you lose everything.


How legal is this game?


When you think of a game like andar-bahar, you think of flashy casinos and high-end places where one places bets and wins big. But the best part about this game is that it is online. As of 2019, the laws in India only concern land-based casinos. Therefore, as andar-bahar is primarily an online game, you don’t need to worry.


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What are the two different ways of playing this game?


The greatest thing about this game is the fact that it caters to both introverts and extroverts. Do you like the idea of the atmosphere of a real casino, with tons of people, interaction and competitiveness? Or do you prefer quiet, peace and solitude? Don’t worry, there is something for both ends of the spectrum.

Live Andar- Bahar:


It’s quite a myth that online betting is just for introverts. Sometimes virtual reality-based games can help you socialize and form connections.This version is simply as a real casino, but online. You are facing a real human dealer via an HD video. Moreover, you can choose the location, interface everything according to your own needs. You can even chat and contact the other players. This is perfect for those who wish for a real-life experience and prefer socialization and human interaction.



Are you someone who prefers to just not have any human contact whatsoever? Do you want to stay isolated and peaceful, while you play your game online, without any sort of distraction? Fear not, if you don’t trust a human dealer, there is a solution for you. Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the online gaming industry, and one of the products of that is video andar- bahar. This is simply a 2-D or 3-D version, where you are playing against the computer/software. There is cheat-proof software to ensure fairness in all cases.


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This simple game, which originated centuries ago in Bangalore, was an old traditional Indian card game. Add in modern technology, the Internet, artificial intelligence, and a generation wanting a simple and easy way to take a break from their stressful lives, and you have a successful online card game.

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