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URI Attack, Indian GDP

Is India Ready To Respond To Uri Attack

After a week of URI attack, is INDIA preparing to response?

We INDIANS are intensively frustrated and disappointed with the despicable dastardly attack on the beloved soldiers of our country in Kashmir during last week. People all over the country are mourning for our 18 heroes who collapsed as a prey of the coward terrorist attack. We could also feel the overwhelming fuming response through social media for immediate revenge like start the war, surgical attack like last year Myanmar operation, stop the water to them from Sindh River, PM should respond immediately etc. These things shows our aggression and love towards our martyred soldiers.

But nothing can balance or compromise our soldier’s life. We should assertively think about the repercussion of war or any impetus actions towards our enemy.  Blaming others irrespective of our individual flaws cannot make INDIA a secured country.

INDIA hard response starts with initiating “Cold start doctrine”:

The cold start doctrine is masterminded by Indian military forces which are developed as a strategy for offensive operations on battle fields and making the opponent to get stumbled on responding.

Cold Start Doctrine

The Cold Start doctrines objective is foster initiative and creative strategic thinking with experiment and practice which Significantly intended to allow India’s conventional forces to perform holding attacks in order to prevent a nuclear retaliation from opponents in case of a conflict.

IS URI ATTACK” BAIT” FOR INDIA:  repercussions of war

If we are to set a war with Pakistan, it’s quite obvious that we will win irrespective of their nuke weapon and our second strike strategy. Because at present INDIA is frontier among fastest growing countries with avg of 7.5% GDP a year. On the coming years surely it will boost in to 8% and it is expected that the implementation of GST will push furthermore 1 to 2 % and our GDP shoots at 10% and more exponentially.

But waging war can lead to a massive decline on our economic growth. We should be ready to face the bloodshed of our soldiers and a nosedive on our countries GDP. Most of the global developed countries came in support for the URI attack by terrorist. But these countries will not consider INDIA if it engage in war.

URI Attack, Indian GDP

Russia is the best example for unsustainability as they announced the pull back of mutual military training program in Pakistan for the URI attack but they started their mutual military operations from yesterday on Pakistan( then why did Russia said that It will not hold training with Pakistan?).

America condemns the attack but will be neutral when it comes to war because Americans are always considered with their national interest and think about what they get by interfering.

Europe will just be the audience to watch what is happening in INDIA. China is already an adversary country with border conflicts and of course an economical rivalry, they will surely support Pakistan against India because of its 50$ billion investment as CPEC (china and Pakistan economic corridor) . Israel and some other countries may support INDIA indirectly but it is like a paradox.

100 Rupee equal to 1 dollar?

If war is initiated then we must spend at least 5000 crore a day till the war ends. Approximately for a 14 day short war today it cost around 2, 50,000 crore rupees.  These expenditure will be sponsored from our GDP and apparently it may raise INDIA fiscal deficit by 50% which is 8 lakh crore.

INR Value
1USD to 100 INR

There will be a shamble and a severe hit on foreign direct investments and foreign institutional investors. At last it obviously reduces our Indian rupee value to 100rs to a US dollar.  This will surely push INDIA growth rate beyond 20 years. These conflicts should be addressed on a war footing effect. Otherwise it will ruin our country development and peace.


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