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kashmir 2

Insight Kashmir – Narcissus On Fire

We know Kashmir as Paradise on Earth and everybody wants this paradise, but who is dying for the sake of this paradise. Hear the real voices of Kashmir, the children of Kashmir, the innocent future of Kashmir that is being crumpled between the terror and ordinance.




Wars destroy every thing. They destroy the capacity to live ‘normally’ of undestroyed, more so of those who can understand neither the reasons for it, nor the ways to deal with it — the children. They are born and bred in an atmosphere of fear and hatred, uncertainties and violence ranging from physical to psychological, from cultural to sexual.


The frequent media portrayal of violence aggravates the situation. Media tends to focus on the ‘death toll’ and noisy bombs. The silent sufferers and victims hardly get any time or space. ‘Dodh Ha Yembarzal’ (Narcissus on Fire) these children — their daily dose of violence, their point of view, and their future. They want you to lend an ear to the silence amidst the chaos of violence.

kashmir 2

Directed by : Nitin Bhatia, Zehru Nissa Shah & Anisha Sahil Bhutani.

Duration : 24 Minutes

Language : Kashmiri with English Subtitles

Format : Docu Drama

Awarded : Best Film in Marginalised section in National Students Video Film Festival

Covered by : HT Delhi, Asian Age, Indian Express

Curated by : chaaicoffee


 Share it so the genuine efforts and voices be heard and hopefully do some good for a bright future!

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