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Ease Your Summer Travel-Delhi Metro Cheat Sheet

Travelling in a public transport makes you smarter over others by default. No comparison between a whale in the ocean and a pretty golden fish in the aquarium after all. Lot of people visit Delhi and when it’s first time or less on travelling in Delhi Metro, you might look up to someone for help. Lets take you to a cheat sheet to be smarter while travelling in Delhi Metro.

  • Be Card Smart


First of all, Don’t depend on buying tokens every time. Even if you travel less, you get to keep the smart card with no validity issue besides the discount you get every time you travel. Little drops make the mighty ocean.


  • Where to Start


When you start your journey quite near to the terminus, rather start it from the terminus. This will fetch you a vacant seat. Read or Sleep, up to you.


  • Hop In Right


Be little quick and quietly move away from staircase area. Most people climb from stairs and elevators and just stop there to hop in. Rather go towards the Women’s coach to find a decent crowd and light rush.


  • Fitness On The Go


Climbing stairs is an easily available exercise. Once you make it part of your life, it helps you till the old age. Catch here is, to climb stairs after de-boarding the train, that’s where people don’t easily rush, ending up in your quick exit.

We all know that Delhi Metro is Quick and Economic, but there is more to it that we can always keep on adding.

Coming up with more useful stuff in following articles.





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