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How to UnBelong, to Belong, Truly- A Bikers Read

A Lovely Story

A child, when born, is always so free, indifferent to the unknown ties he is going to be associated, cares for nothing but his own need. We see the world smiling when this child smiles. This child, is not a preacher who teaches you to live, love and be happy. What on earth then makes us smile with this new born smile for no reason? The Freedom! Yes, its the freedom having no ties, no burden, no answerability. Originated purely out of Oneness, Tatwa and nothing besides being close to self.

The Butterfly That Flew

This makes me write about one such rider, who was really a good girl in her childhood. Disciplined, meritorious, achiever, ambitious, hard working and apple of her parents eye. She was happy, her parents were happy. Then what? NO she didn’t get spoiled then. She chose to be even more happy!! 🙂


Kiran Mortha, Bike Rider, is one such girl whose leadership skills during her job made her taste success, respect and a contented career. Then, what happened that she quit her regular job for 8 years and befriended with a Enfield? I guess, Freedom? Or may be just being Herself, The Self. A very lively person, with the same baby smile on her face, joined a Biker’s Club and headed for a 45 Days K2K ride, all along with a small backpack, few gears, one equally lively and fun loving riding buddy Subash and this small mission of meeting herself, far from everything she knew.

Meditation OR Meeting Nation ?

Royal enfield

Indeed, meeting oneself is possible only when we detach from everything surrounding us all the time. That’s why people choose to do meditation. There is one way of offering prayers, by hands joined and another is with open hands. Where you accept God and his love with open hands. Seems same what Kiran Mortha and her biking buddy Subash did, meeting the world with your arms open, discovering the nature and meeting people aimlessly aimed to aim Just Fun and start enjoying life in true sense.

 Uncage Yourself For a While


Once a Biker, Always a Biker. This is so true when you’re moving on those two heavy wheels and the robust machine, you just find a chance to do it again and again. You’ll love the dust, the wind, the rains come what may. Because then, you will be just you, close to nature, where you belong to none but your own self and your thrust to roll an extra mile.

Tips From Subash & Kiran To Bikers

Adventure Camera

Be Light

Go Unplanned

Don’t Follow Routes For Real Fun 😛

MUST Carry Adventure Camera For Safety, Extra Attention and Unexpected Favours 😀


That’s life of a Biker, A Butterfly that’s beautiful yet tough against the wind at the same time!



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  1. Whoever wrote this truly portrayed Kiran that I known for a year; independent, free thinking a very well mannered and matured person

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