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Matheran Maharashtra

Amazing Monsoon Destinations You Are Missing Out On!


Monsoons come and the frogs and birds reign, just as the so busy people of never sleeping, never stopping cities come out of their den to look for some new destination full of peace, fresh air and some scenic beauty. So many people and the same popular destinations make it a festival kind and leave less scope for peace that they actually look for. Coming your way few less heard travel sites, perfect to be called monsoon destinations, with real beauty of nature and a few days of your life with self.


MATHERAN, Maharashtra


A calm and quiet destination. No vehicles allowed inside the town is what makes it even better to be at. Ride inside the town is done either by mini trains or horse riding.

Indulge in: Visiting its forest and hill points and doing horse riding will be joyous for the visit.

Must visit: Visiting Lousia Point, Charlotte Point and riding in Nera-Matheran Toy Train are a must do in Matheran.

How to Reach – Train / Bus, Equally feasible to Matheran.





South India is blessed with the best of nature sceneries. Kodaikanal is one not so explored hill station overwhelmingly surrounded by forests. A bliss for the green lush lovers.

Indulge in : Going for walks, cycling to its waterfalls and checking out its golf courses and museums will complete your journey.

Must Visit: Kodaikanal Lake, Vattakanal Falls and Berijam Lake and Chocolate factory are must visits in Kodaikanal.

How to Reach: Air / Train / Bus / Road, Pick any.



LUNGLEI, Mizoram


Heads touching the sky, the place allows one to feel the clouds so closely. Perfect site for relaxing, meditating and enchanting with the rain drops.

Indulge in: Food is a bliss.

Must Visit: The Churches and Sanctuaries are its attractions. Zotlang Bapist Church, Veng Bapist Church, War memorial and Presbyterian Church of Mizoram are the must visits.

How to Reach: Bus / Drive down.






An island in the cultural capital Assam, unplumbed since. Best place to celebrate the joy of monsoon with the place’s several festivals which go throughout the year. These festivals meet the nature at its best in the monsoons.

Indulge in: Ambubashi Festival is the biggest festival held in Majuli during the monsoons.

Must visit: Kamalabari Satra, Amreteswar Temple, Garmur and Chetiagaon allurements of Majuli.

How to Reach: Bus / Drive down





What monsoon means to you? The freshness of flowers? Then it’s a must visit for you. “The Valley Of Flowers” will tempt you to hold on that place and just feel the ambience of its scented blossoms. Best for the love of capturing nature.

Indulge in: The flowers and yourself

Must visit: Tagged as theWorld Natural Heritage Kaas Plateau’s main attractions are Kaas Lake and  Vajraj Waterfalls.

How to Reach: Train to Pune-Drive down further.




wayanad wildlife sanctuary


wayanad Pookkote-lake


Most adventurous and thrilling destination for monsoons. Best known for its scenic beauty and the trekking routes, mountain climbing, hiking etc. Much known for its three days monsoon fest ‘Splash’ which thus, proves it the best destination for monsoon trips.

Indulge in: Monsoon fest ‘Splash’

Must visit: Chembra Peak, Edakkal Caves, Meenmutty waterfalls and Night Camping with campfire are so must to visit in Wayanad.

How to Reach: Air / Train / Road.



DEORIA TAL, Uttrakhand

Deoria Tal


The best for forest treks among all the treks and inland seas, Deoria Tal is an exquisite place. Deoria has mythological connections with the epic Mahabharata too and because of this, the place possesses a mystical spell till now.

Must visit: Tungnath Temple, Chopta and Kefarnath Temple are the main attractions of this place.

How to Reach: A road trip is best suited for Deoria Tal.


Travel binds perfectly with adventure and some peace for soul. Pick any of these destinations and you will be amazed how much you were missing on!


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