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H1B Visa

After Effects of Addition in Travel Ban Imposed by American Govt. in H1B Visa.

“You can not stop a traveller from exploring. No cap can restrict them they will find one way or the other when it comes to travel. Therefore the changes in H-1B visa might not affect that category of travel industry. People who want to explore can always switch the place for a sorted vacations but people who want to visit United States for any specific purpose will surely have to go through a headache.” Yash Sharma, CEO of Quick Forex a foreign exchange firm which has also been the travel partner of all the travellers for any purpose anywhere in the world said.

Yash Sharma
Amidst the negativity about travelling to America or planning an employment there, is it really all dark? Yash Sharma, CEO Quick Forex

What is H-1B Visa

The H-1B visa is an employment based non-immigrant visa category for “temporary workers” which also allows US companies to employ foreign workers in specialty professions that require theoretical and technical knowledge in specific fields. Under the H1-B visa program, companies based in US hire highly skilled foreign workers, up to a maximum of 85,000 a year. More specifically 65,000 are hired from abroad and 20,000 from foreign nationals studying in the US.

Recent Additions in H-1B Visa

The recent addition of “Buy American and Hire American” in the H-1B visa has heard a sense of uncertainty and unease among people. The change is pushing people to give their plan of America visit, a second thought. This change has also made many parents cautious about their wards hire education plans. The students who had already planned their studies in America are now going towards the alternatives like Ireland and other countries.

India and H1B

The H-1B foreign worker visa program is used more by people from India than any other nationality. The suspension of H-1B visa will also slow down the work done by American Institutes and mostly in Research Institution which depends on foreign students and researchers in a top scientific group in US.

The potential of not being able to return home after visiting countries outside the US may also push many in this science community to refrain from travelling in the first place. After all these changes in visa, students are worried that they may not be able to get enrolled in the industry when they get Graduate from United States.

Who All Will Get Affected?

Companies having the large percentage of H-1B visa holders as employees are going to face a huge fall in their annual profitability.  H-1B is mostly sought by IT professionals of Indian background, therefore the job rate in other words the number of people planning their future in United States will witness downfall in the coming days. After tightening the Terms and Conditions America will also witness a decrease in tourism because planning to visit US is nothing but just the same tea in an expensive cup for the visitors.

The pros of H-1B visa at one place will not help to curtain its cons at several other platforms in near future. The justification behind these changes in H-1B VISA could sound legit at one point but raising the employment opportunity for the home citizen and putting restrictions on the other deserving candidates just on the basis of nationality doesn’t seems to be a better step. It will surely affect the economic status in many platforms. The Elite well established class companies, running in the United States have this fear of the consequences of this sudden add on in H-1B visa.

Make in India vs. Make in America

Work in US

The bold new step regarding H-1B visa could be an interest for the American workers but the changes in the visa is also making it evident that not just the interest of foreign job seekers but also the number of students planning of investing in America might be waning. Hence the motto of buy American and hire American is going to be successful or not is something an individual can not decide anyway. Advertising and promoting the Made in America could also be counted as the replica of make in India in coming days if the process remains the same.

Closing that, Yash Sharma states, “How profitable this change is going to be is not something one can decide as of now on behalf of the entire industry. At Quick Forex though we are always there for such people, planning the smoothest way to travel eliminating all the tensions in middle.”


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