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What’s Yet Kept a Secret About Snapchat Sunglasses


Snapchat is a familiar word for the past 5 years one among the leading social media application by making it more popular in photo sharing that allows us to send pictures and videos. It is also a fun messaging app, when you take a picture or video with the app, you can add a caption or doodle or lens over top, and then send the byproduct to your buddy along with crazy messages. As snap chat self-destructs the photos and videos sent after a few seconds of a person viewing on them, now it has self-destructed its name from snapchat to snap Inc.


What’s Spectacular about Snapchat Spectacles (launching in October 2016)

The only sunglasses that captures nostalgic moments and also the sun

Records video snippets that automatically save to your snapchat memories.

Snapchat memory is a new feature in your snapchat that stores all your snaps and stories.

This spectacle is a sunglass which features a camera with a 115 degree lens by replicating the human eye lens.

What is so cool with its working

Snapchat Spectacles

A button on its left side of the frame records pictures and video too.

You can record it for minimum of 10 seconds and can extend upto 30 seconds by tapping the button again in the interval of 10 seconds.

You’ll see an inward-facing light when you’re snapping, while an outward facing-light to show others when you’re recording and they’re in your field of view. It also acts as an standalone device which can store your snaps.

Compatibility: Android and iOS  devices

Transfer your snaps to any android and iOS devices through WIFI.  You will be watching your snaps recorded with Snapchat Sunglasses in a circular format that is meant to display your footage the way you see through your naked eye.

Battery: Built in battery, meant to last for about a day

Bit too pricey or a good deal?

Snapchat colors

Comparatively the snapchat spectacles cost the one tenth of the Google glass, costing around 130$.

Colors: Black, Teal and Coral colors

But something is NOT UNwrapped in snapchat spectacles:

Image Quality – No mention of the image quality yet.

Weather proof factor – unknown.

Weight – Mystified

Availability will be in less numbers as the CEO expressed his slow approach towards selling and didn’t list out the stores to get it.

And also it is uncertain whether the style and look of the sunglasses matches the expectations of an individual. Depends whether you chose to be choosy or it manages to impress your choices.









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