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Weed Out The Traffic Problem For Ambulances

A Short News Excerpt

According to a news report, an ambulance got stuck up in a jam outside CR Park police station due to some protesters. A similar incidence took place with Mr. Kumar. He narrates an incident from last week when an ambulance was stuck at a railway gate in Vizianagaram district for two hours.

Worsened State

In Delhi, congestion on roads doesn’t even clear path for ambulances. On the other hand, ambulance service providers don’t really make sure that the dispatched ambulance is in which area and to track it also becomes a task as they don’t have hi—tech gadgets or they might get stuck with the tracking because of the traffic on the way.

The woman in the ambulance said after losing control over the congestion struck situation “There is an ambulance stuck in this jam. Why should thousands of people suffer because of you all?. But again there are people who take this problem very seriously and are trying to provide better response just through technology.

Saviour Siren

LifeHover Mobile App helps you overcome the factors like traffic jams, obstacles like accidental points, protests on roads and other obstructions which we saw in the above said cases but with this app, a patient in emergency can actually track the location and if the ambulance is stuck in any particular situation, be it a traffic condition or a flat tyre. The operator can directly get in touch with the ambulance.

Moreover, the patient can locate the ambulance nearest to him through the app, so he can cancel the present ambulance and book another one. In general, Ambulances suffer congestion and long route obstructions. Most of the times, the duration of first aid elongates to a fatal extent due to these external factors resulting in loss of life.

To cure the problems therefore, LifeHover App has evaluated the entire challenge of distance and time covered and consumed respectively, by ambulances. It has come up with a solution which sends ambulance from the nearest ambulance operator or the closest ambulance available to the patient’s location so that the distance is less and there is a less possibility of protesters and other obstructions on the short route. It is the fastest possible ambulance service till date. Moreover, providing flexibility to choose preferred hospital is a blessing, because reaching the desired hospital is one of the biggest challenges individuals face otherwise.

LifeHover has been reliably empowering its users with a precise provision of ambulances. It is distinctly designed for Patient Transport, Basic Life Support (BLS), Advance Life Support (ALS) and Mortuary ambulances. LifeHover App aims to overcome the challenge of availing a good ambulance at the best possible time which is as less as 10 minutes sometimes.

Prerit Mittal, Ravjot Singh Arora & Pranav Bajaj, Co-Founders LifeHover Appsay “Easy access to the nearest possible ambulance rather than the nearest hospital is more crucial in the golden hour. We are working on an emergency-responder system to compliment our ambulance service to provide immediate access to first-aid before the ambulance reaches.”. LifeHover assures that no traffic congestion shall result in loss of life. In the process, LifeHover has tied up with the ambulance service providers namely Goodmans Rescue, Pulse, PS Funeral Ambulance, SAI Ambulance, City Ambulance, Aayushman Life Support Ambulance, RamjiLal Ambulance , Sukhram Ambulance , Jeevak Ambulance and JK Ambulance.

About LifeHover:

Realizing the urgency of ambulance management, Prerit Mittal, Pranav Bajaj and Ravjot Singh Arora co-founded this empowering App “LifeHover” which would not only beat the day-to-day challenge of availability of ambulances, but also serve users within appreciable time. The App selects the user’s current location; helps maintain the record of medical history, blood group and emergency contact details. Online and pre-booking are additional flexible features offered by the app. The app’s mission is to create an urgent medical environment for patients at the right time proceeding to the right place!

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