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We used to hear “Don’t Litter” “Don’t Spit” “Don’t Jump Red Light” “Don’t use Polythene Bags” and blah blah but Who Cares? Then one commandment comes “Don’t use 500 & 1000 rupee notes” that leaves no choice. After all we’re kings & queens of our own dynasty. Who’re others to tell us what to do? But guys this one you have to listen to – Don’t make any more phone calls from your mobiles! Why?

Tale of Technology

Long back we used to make schedules, pack bags and find time frequently to meet our relatives and friends. That was how we interacted, how we connected. The social ventilator, to keep you alive and lively.

Then came the time, we started eating oranges and peeling peanuts in the metro itself. Meetings restricted to marriages and arranged functions. That’s what relatives remained limited to. Meeting friends continued but only till they manage to stay in same organisation, school and college. Once you let go of them, they take place in your tales… I had a friend and so & so.

Technology changed and kept us entangled all the time so we don’t feel the need of anybody, busy with ourselves all the time. There is a lot to do in the ocean of internet that even kids lack time now.

   Reading makes you wise so get lost in the world of blogs and articles.

   Games make your brain sharper so indulge in few of them for good.

Learn everything online on YouTube, no more crash courses and summer friends needed.


From quite some time now, it’s been common for people crib about the good old days. Not everyone can declare that after midnight I’ll be the same old person and find time for everything. Feel Stuck. Right?


Quick Hack

So here’s what you can do. Just update your WhatsApp and that enables you to a way friendly face to face meeting with your loved ones anytime!! To my surprise, it’s been 2 days it launched but none of my contacts used it or was aware of it.

What you need to do is

Auto update



Update your WhatsApp in Google PlayStore. You’ll get Update option in place of Open, if you don’t have it updated.

Its advisable to keep few apps like this on auto update, may be on a wifi connection so you don’t miss important updates.







Click on Call icon within the chat

Call-Button WhatsApp


Select Video Call option.








And, You’re in the Video Call now.

whtsapp video call


Enjoy a Face to Face Family & Friends talk!








Choose to swap view from Front Camera to Main Camera





Chose to leave a Voice message if not answered.


1. It all seems good with WhatsApp video call, however it’s strictly advised to update your WhatsApp from Google Play store of Apple Store only. Follow no links for some extra features. That’s Spam already floated.

2. Besides, advised to call and accept calls from known and reliable contacts, just in case you wish to avoid a snapshot of you with a front camera.


This call works perfectly fine with a 4G Wi-Fi connection, Geonet, Hathway, Airtel and so on.


Do share your comments on the same about some added features or the connection and quality. 

Happy Calling!




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