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3 Android Apps That Will Redefine Your Mobile

Hey guys, a smart phone is not as smart without smart apps on it. Check out few, tried by me and recommended by me. Choose your app & be smarter!


mobdro app

Mobdro app, I would say, is a very cool Live TV App, unlike other live tv apps this app lets you watch all the tv shows and channels for free and you can watch channels across globe, be it Delhi, Russia or even Iraq. This app is very cleanly categorised in terms of channels, news, shows, movies, sports, music, animals, techno, podcasts, spiritual, and even gaming. You can easily find video streams on every topic in every language.  Recommend videos to your friends and relatives and let them know what you are watching with just one click.  Bookmark your streams and filter them according to  your fav topic and language. You can even download your fav streams and watch ’em offline whenever and wherever you want to, now let it be in your bathroom or let it be while surfing on chaaicoffee download it    => here  <=


Fildo app

Fildo app lets you download all songs , all albums from all round the world & again all of ’em for free on android. You can choose from millions of artist’s albums, million of old, new, classic, pop, rock, jazz, latest, upcoming and even old school songs you can search a specific song and download it or you can find new songs.Download Last version 15/12/2016 – v1.9.2


and here’s the best one of today…


wave control app

Imagine yourself in the shower listening to songs, enjoying your first one and suddenly it stops. I know how it feels but not to worry, this app, this amazing app uses your proximity sensor to manage your bathroom party just by some waves. not just music, you can even set command like – hover, 1 wave,  2 waves, 3 waves.

Personally  did not find anything wrong with this app you can download it from the Play Store

Please do tell me how do you find these apps in the  comments.




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