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If you’re a Startup you probably got to be on Startup Delhi too. Boom of Startups and every entrepreneur got set, on his toes to visualize and achieve his dream. While working on their own front has to be their prime focus, look at it the way, you still need to connect with like minded people and people who wish to connect to you and be your team. Now here comes a pal, having a vision to set it right for all the entrepreneurs out there, Startup Delhi, the Facebook group.


It’s a group, just a group, another Facebook group, BUT one such group that constantly worked in a manner to help out startups, and less than a year it took to be able to build a community with more than 30k user count. Isn’t that remarkable!!


So, what is it that makes Startup Delhi different, that we’re even reading about it? Their platform is used for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs to find co-founders, mentors, just another startup having a knowledge to render, or find interns and team mates. See it rather as a place where you can expect a solution to whatsoever problem or requirement you get.

What you give is what you get. So when ideas like Startup Delhi come up, they’re bound to get appreciation. Many startups start this way, no knowledge, no resources, no team. However key to making it budge is to have belief in your idea, love your idea and just keep moving at your pace.

Startup, founder, Abhishek Kumar Gupta, tells about Startup Delhi.


The community started less than a year back with meager knowledge, resources and experience at hand. Starting with connecting meaningful people i.e. the entrepreneurs, the group now enjoys having Media, Fintech, Edtech and many other startups as part of the group.

One major factor to make this group even more productive and fruitful is that meetups are held every now and then. Where not just the budding entrepreneurs come and interact with each other but also get to hear the words of established people and mentors.

Various startups have also benefited with finding co-founders and even raising crowd-funding through this platform.

Cheers to the beginning….

This is not the end because this group is destined only to grow further with the support of people, aspirations of new entrepreneurs, the talent it gathers and the knowledge it acquires along the time. Starting it wasn’t easy and efforts were enormous, but we wish Startup Delhi, their journey further, a great pleasure and a bliss.

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