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Will You Choose Glasses Or The Vision? Tiny Tale

It was a bright day and I was wearing my glasses. They are just perfect for me, been so comfortable and soothing to my eyes. In fact, they’re my favourite. One of the best I ever had. On my recent visit to a highway dhaba, I couldn’t see properly. What went wrong? These are the same old glasses that were just perfect. Then why can’t I see what others are seeing. I was dumbfound and so lonely with my vision. I decided to remove my glasses. Because I had to. What else could I do but to trust my own eyes and not the glasses. May be then I will see what others can see. I really wanted to feel normal and connected.

Right Glass Quotes

Removing glasses, didn’t really help. It was all colourful around. Clean and smiling faces, and everything so positive. But one thing was still the same. I still couldn’t connect with others and their vision. They were still seeing something different from what I was. May be it’s time to remove glasses for all! Or may be it’s time to wear the Right Glass!


A short film by BNR Films has taken the call to shake the conscience. If you think what we can do to stop it then think once to say no when you fall for the comfort of house help or may be don’t opt to eat at places where children work. Rather convey it to the owners. Or something even better that your great minds can think of but not mine. Just think!

Credit: BNR Films, Biswanath Rath

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