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Fusion Pottery Can Also Be Healing!!

Soil has a very strong connection with us, knowing no nationality, no religion, the aroma of the soil leaves everyone spellbound equally. Fate and the journey takes us somewhere on the path of success but most of the times, our passion gives us a by-line ‘so & so by profession and so & so at heart.’ So resonating for many. Lucky are the times that now we get plenty opportunities and acceptance to pursue our passion, into profession, without qualification. Who needs qualification when you live your passion every day.

How true is that with Harpreet Ahluwalia, a management professional, University Topper, Gold Medallist in PG Economics but an artist at heart, explorer by nature and creator by being. The 10 years journey, merging her passion turned pottery a blissfully learning, exciting and innovating journey.

Harpreet Pottery

What induced her interest in pottery? 

As a painter of substance, she incepted the idea of Earthly Creations, creating a fusion between environmental and healing sciences, she created the ideas for Artefacts and Corporate Gifts and giveaways on mediums of Clay, Mixed Mediums, Murals, Calligraphy, Terracotta and Wrought Iron, are most sought by the discerning buyers. Her creations are inspired from Nature, Environment, Flora and Fauna and blending with Energy Chakras – Healing Techniques of Reiki and Pranic. Her love for nature made her hobby pave way to her business. With the designing of cute, smiling animals, birds and varied creatures let her interest grow more into pottery.


How has she made the creation exclusive?

She has added an element of ‘Adopt an animal, Give a plant, Now and Always’ saying to adopt eco-friendly means to gift and decorate your home and offices around nature and art. She being the founder and principal designer at Earthly Creations blends visionary concepts and are sculptured astutely, so as to satisfy the discerning taste of connoisseurs. Created over 800 concepts in various animal shaped pots, water bodies, bird houses, bird feeders, where in each creation establishes a synergy between utility, aesthetics and value.

What keeps her going? The Inspiration

Moral support and motivation from family and friends, appreciation from society has led her to work more religiously towards the concept of terracotta pottery with a spice of artwork and nature. With so many facilities and norms adapted by the government to promote women entrepreneurship, gives me more power to work for my dreams and passion for art and design. The hard work of potters in turning her designs to a masterpiece intends her work more hard for Earthly Creations.

Besides pottery, Harpreet works dedicatedly towards the cause and upliftment of Girl Child Education. She feels it is important for a woman to be well educated and learned to contribute lot more for the society and betterment of standards of living. 

We look forward to the e-commerce platform that she aims to introduce soon and wish her best for the excellent work she has taken up, blending pottery with an aim incorporating synergy with the potters across states.

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