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At The Martyr’s Grave – A Poem, A Salute To Soldiers

Amidst disagreements, mistrust, fear, angst, war or no war, no matter countries fight or divide, along with the need to answer the so called enemy, there is one person who gets to chose nothing but be available with all the dutifulness. His soul may be divided between emotions and the righteous but his being is all the time alert and available for the path he has chosen, for his country. The wonderful poem written by Jigar Trivedi, upcoming writer salutes the brave soldiers of the nation.

Standing at the Martyr’s grave,
I tell his daughter her dad was brave,
She’s asking questions, she’s weeping now,
I tell her to go, dad’s sleeping now!

I look at his parents, no they don’t cry,
Eyes filled with pride, their heads held high,
They know their son died the greatest death,
He fought for the nation till the latest breath!

I mourn your death, I try not to cry,
Cause you’re a legend & legends never die,
Had the strength of the Sun & the lion’s heart,
The courageous soul, they couldn’t tear apart!

When brave hearts like you on the border stand,
No one can dare to drop eye on my land,
We could live in peace, we could sleep in rest,
Cause you took the bullets right on your chest!

Unconditionally you stand there day and night,
When I’m breathing freely while you fight,
I stand with you cause you stood for me,
Each of the soldier of the Indian Army!

All I can do is to salute you Sir,
For your sacrifice you gave Martyr,
Your presence will be felt when Tricolour will wave,
Proud to be an Indian, the nation of the Braves!

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Jigar Trivedi
Jigar is a 1992 born, CA dropout, aspiring to be an Author. He wishes to tell a story that has been buried inside his heart since years, a story that relates to everyone! He is passionate about ready, and even more about writing. After failing miserably in his CA examinations, and career, he has decided to turn the story, to turn his failure into success by following his passion : writing.