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An Art That Has Lived Among Us For Generations, We Didn’t Know!!

Did your heart beats feel the rhythm listening to this clip? These vibrant colors, the get up, the expressions, the art, seems all set to articulate a story or perhaps oozing out a culture rather! So who these people could be? Theater artists? performers?

World is changing fast. New technology, innovations, high rise buildings & fast paced lifestyle.. despite all the changes taking us ahead, we haven’t stopped researching about our history including archaeological and mythological past. Why is that so? May be because we’re linked to our roots.. our origin.. What if we keep changing and keep forgetting what we left behind? Where we’ve come from.. What if ..?


This is Folk, fellas but the fact is that this folk is fading in absence of a considerate glimpse, a deserving attention and an adaptation. Folk presents our culture and we bear the responsibility to preserve it for this is our roots.

Folk Talkies a brainchild of the team who has been performing on folk arts over a decade is all set with its web series on folk culture and bring to us this precious art form from every nook and corner of the country. An initiative taken to dive deeper into our resourceful Indian culture that manifests innumerable folklore.

Check out their first release – The unheard story of Vasudev

A little from Rujuta Dalal, why Vasudev is significant…

Do I really know my culture?

Do I really know my roots?

I start my day with a snooze of an alarm…. Did my ancestors do that?

No they woke with a folk song every day…. “Ovi”…. that what we name it.

We start the day with a diary…. or a planned calendar…. they start with a “Vasudev” tapping to the beats of music…  do we know this?

Art Vasudev the world of android do kids know how their grandparents grew?

I think if I can educate one person a day and motivate him to follow culture and not a Bollywood item number then I win….

I want to do this because India is the land of music, art and culture. Current generation and the generation next to me should know how we grew..I want to travel and let know the world how are we different. Every 100 km you pass and the language, costume, food changes…can I let know the world how interesting it is! I think its the diversity, culture, music, beats, lack of knowledge of the current generation towards our culture, gives me a kick to promote it more. Thinking from a human perspective its a team bonding… a stress buster….

Music India

A deep sense of realization for our heritage, culture and folk compelled Shreyas Desai (co-founder Myriad Arts) & Rujuta Dalal (co-founder Event Karkhana) to start something beyond occupation.

A profound indulgence of varied folk arts and dance forms from numerous folk artists will be promoted by Folk Talkies, exhibiting the originality of our civilization to the masses and catalyzing the cultural transmission. The originality of the art and dance forms will be conspicuous as they are performed by the community, commuting places to places to unlock and adapt the Folk Culture.

Let’s travel along with Folk Talkies through their journey, let’s hear the sound of Chiplya, Dholki, Bansuri, Let some Ghunghroo and thaap of Tabla wake us up now on, Let’s make our nature, these ever giving trees and non complaining birds drink the nector through these melodious sounds telling these old tales. Let’s learn to Re-live!

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