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10 Lessons You Can Learn From NO-Shave Movember

There has been a comeback of nearly everything from not just 60s and 70s but BC as well. This comeback doesn’t leave any segment untouched from fashion to be easily revived, Movember fashion

to food, to interior, make-up trends and dear men even the moustache and beards. So leaving out beards for a moment, these moustache grew little longer in the month of Movember November for a cause that was somewhere little inspired by all the movements supporting Breast Cancer in women.

Making of Movember

Not so observed, not so cared before this one issue that men suffered from, Prostate Cancer inspired and was taken up by the movement called Movember to join hands and work against the same. One man, back in 2004, conceived the idea of supporting this cause by raising funds out of savings by just not shaving moustache for the entire month. Not for him, not for others and imagined it at a grand level where it could even part out some funds for DJ-ing, moustache partying, helping the cause and basically celebrating life. That needed to be something really grand. Even after being seen silly by Prostate Cancer Foundation, Adam and mere 450 guys together managed to support and even raise $54k which they entirely donated to the foundation.

BTW, shaving per day costs…. ( well I would like you guys to leave it in comment box and tell how much you can actually spare to donate by joining Movember movement and not shaving a month. Poking all the dashing men out there 🙂 )


Growing moustache can be your tashan, pampering procrastination or supporting the movement. You may be choosing not to shave and save something to donate Or may be not, totally up to you. However the story behind leaves some basic lessons for us, helpful on any path we may be walking on. Let’s see


1. Persistence

2. Taking Risks

3. Believing in Yourself

4. Looking beyond Obvious

5. Think Big

6. Give your Dream a Bigger Reason

7. Team up

8. Don’t forget to Live Life

9. Being Patient

10. Once you Achieve it, Others Believe it!

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