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Storyteller Storyteller, where have you been? A Must Read.

How greatly deprived is the latest generation! Not because of less pure water. NO, not because of less greenery. Certainly not because of lack of space and opportunities. Let me take you back in the era of large families, joint families and even buildings having common veranda and neighborhood like a family. That was the time we all miss. Its just that those who have seen it miss it in their memories and those who haven’t, they miss it in their life. What is missing is certainly the love, care, brotherhood and one story on the lips of one or the other elder around.

Munshi Premchand said Being educated has a greater importance than collecting the degrees and literacy. Literally saying “To be successful in life, what you need is education, not literacy and degrees.” Despite being on same earth, not all are living in the same world. Of course the beliefs would differ yet one thing is sure, that knowledge is not bound to degrees but curiosity, and success is not bound to degrees but education.

Among all the chaos and hush hush, something rings a bell of the same good old days. The storyteller. Who storyteller? Well, there are quite a few now but let me tell you something about this very simple, thorough, heart-touching and core Delhiite guy, Asif Khan ‘Dehlvi’. मैं दिल्ली में रहता हूँ और दिल्ली मुझमें. This is what Asif says, what he means and what he lives.

Why you should read about him?  Because he is that ordinary person who made it reality that what you learn is not always what is taught to you. Passion is not sown in schools, this is a tragic fact of our system. Coming ahead of the journey of hardly passing out, stumbling upon every puddle Asif stood back on his feet and could he really stand better than this? All that he can do next to this, would be flying only.


Asif, tells stories of Delhi. Delhi, where we belong. Delhi, that has our roots. Delhi, which is crumpled many times but stood back .. Like Dehlvi?.. Yes, quite the same. When you hear Asif using our own language Urdu, (I call that sister of Hindi) you’re bound to forget any damn accent of English. If at all the History has ever bothered you, scared you and woken you up with nightmares, you should really try and attend storytelling by Dehlvi. Because he will not speak about history that’s written for the sake of keeping people alive, he will speak such incidents, details and experiences of history that will bring back soul of history and Be Alive.


This day when it was pouring and the roods were really flooded, Gurugram was suffering with roadblocks and endless waiting but there in one small room of One Internet, we were enjoying the sweet and enjoyable drizzle of Asif’s Kisse of Delhi unheard before.

चलता रहे तेरा दिल्ली का कारवाँ
करता रहे बयान ए दास्तान
ना रुक ना डर ना पीछे मुड़ के देख
तेरा काफ़िला अभी और बड़ेगा

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