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Hai DU

Startup Buddy For Students In Delhi

Every year number of students come to Delhi and specifically to Delhi University for admissions in Grad Programs. Where about 60% students come from other cities and towns there would always be a need to accommodate these students. These students who come here to study, having no idea of the city and its temperament, face a lot of trouble in finding a decent accommodation in budget. This unattended problem compelled these young fellows to reach out to the new entrants and help them out which made them a startup even before stepping out in the corporate world.

Its an Organization!… No Its our college Fellow!… Its one of us!..

Hail DU

HailDU, a student run startup, established to help the outstation students taking admission in DU, with their admission to accommodation in Delhi. Started on 2nd of June, hiring 5 members in the core team and the total of 41 members in the team. Rather technically having 47 members in the team, almost all the colleges were covered while selecting the students in the team.

Give it a thorough Insight!

The project was started while selecting and shortlisting the best PGs of the campus area. Out of about 100+ PGs in the area only 20 were selected, focusing to cover both boys and girls and also including PGs from all range.

To sustain the organization, they started charging from the owner for generating leads, keeping it to whatever price for the first time, soon realizing  the market trends they learnt the trade well.

How students gained out of this was, not just the assistance in finding a perfect fit accommodation but also they were not charged anything for this at all saving them hugely from broker harassment (Plus a Buddy Community). “Organizing an unorganized market attracted many troubles, from brokers, police and many other but some how we dealt with everyone” says Sunny Garg co-founder team.

Out of the offers for partnerships turned down and accepted HailDU finally worked out together with OYO taking it onboard. The idea to help the students, tapping and organizing a potential area of working and earning of these young students helped nearly 6000 students with their admission process, showed PGs to 750+ students and have a track of 150, bookings through HailDU and thereby generating a revenue of 6.8 lakhs.

Also featured in Mail Today, the Times of India and the Economics Times.


So Trick is just the same for all the startup .. Tap a problem, Work out the Solution and World will Hail to you.

Good Luck HailDU 🙂


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