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7 Secrets Rustom Reveals Power of Content

Rustom turned out to be a 100 crore movie and a decent watch. This thriller has a fairly interesting story, a talented star cast, patriotism and a down to earth acting of talented, comical and action star Akki. But there is something in this movie which perhaps failed attention of many gurus, the Content Gurus. Rustom has a layer of secrets and a perfectly set example of Content Marketing. A case study, in fact to articulate the path and the worth of Content, a highly effective developing tool that not all the companies are using full fledged.

… and a piece of advice to those who ask how much sale content marketing will result.

Let’s take you through few shots of Rustom and enlighten your marketing path & learnings 😉

Importance of Viral

Just one small piece of information about Rustom, when taken on a little serious ground and made viral, see what it does..

Moral : Every Bit Of Information Makes A Difference. Just Make It VIRAL


Startup Pitch to Angel

Once your content is Viral, You need an Investor. Conceive, Believe & Deliver!

Moral: Strike The Iron While It’s Hot. No Hurry.. No Delay!

Honking Content

If you think you’re small, think again. Once you have a story, perfectly pitched, you can do anything. All that you need is to believe in your story and idea, and storm it with huge honking with good enough creative content.

Moral : Be Creative with your Content & Honk it wide.


Content Engagement

That’s how content engagement is carried out, where every tagging is important.

Moral: Leave no one who relates to your idea. Tag every single person, Point is to be Noted.


Content Communication

Here begins the journey of people talking about you, your product.

Moral: Success doesn’t come served. Guys it’s not Sales, it’s Marketing. This is first phase accomplished.


Content Influence

Marketing may not bring immediate results but it leaves its impact and that’s why we keep marketing on our priority list. It influences people indirectly and strikes the chord.

Moral: Value Content Marketing by its Impact not the Numbers.

Harvesting Time

After much patience and efforts, result comes but that’s worth all, Long Lasting and Fruitful.

Moral: A Tree Takes Time To Grow And Bear Fruit, If You Just Want To Burn A Bush And Keep The Fire Burning.. It’s Up To You.


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ps: Thanks Jeet for conceiving the concept, just loved scripting it.




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