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If You Own A Brand, It’s Time To Know Rebranding

So, when I got down to choosing the subject I’d like to blog today, the most recent thing on my mind off late came along. My partner and I run an Advertising, Branding and Design Agency in New Delhi, Brandonama Creatives, and a lot of projects off late have been over # rebranding, or in very crisp clear words, about giving a refreshed face to your existing business / brand for it be relevant today and create a special niche of its own.


As a person / team running any business, one must be aware of when and why one may need to refresh, re-liven up their brand. We often have clients who have reached a point where they are convinced that their brand needs a fresher, younger and more relevant identity, but most of the times they don’t seem to sit back, relax and just think as to why they feel the need to rebrand and often do not have much of an idea on which direction the rebranding should head in (that’s where we come in to the rescue), many of them feel that a new Logo will do the job.

What all does rebranding include?

So, the rebranding does not just mean redoing the Brand Logo, it is way more extensive than just reworking on a new Logo, a more relevant in today’s times brand colour palette, a fresher look and appeal of the brand in general. One needs to get into the depths of understanding one’s Target Group in detail, it may include an in depth demographical study, understanding that what may have appealed to a 35 year old working woman or a 10 year old boy in the 1990s may not be even close to what would appeal to the same today.

So here it goes…..

A rebranding may mean that you need to recognize the new voice of your brand, the brand philosophies that may need alterations, the work ethics of your brand may have changed over the years, or how you plan on repositioning your brand in the market (we have worked on multiple brands in the last 2 years where the client wanted the shift from the product being a quick selling FMCG to being a premium, up market brand, or at times catering to both the segments equally while maintaining the consistency and the look and feel of the same brand), there may be a change in the tone of voice of your brand.

“Branding cannot remain static, everything changes super fast especially in today’s age, and your brand needs to keep up with the way it presents its message to the relevant audience.”

Your brand has to connect to your audience at an emotional level for them to believe in you and trust you, to be loyal to you, and this relationship must evolve over time.

When do you know it’s time to rebrand?

Don’t – If you feel you are bored of your current branding, that reason isn’t good enough. If you feel you have a new favourite color or mood board of the season that you feel more inclined towards, do not rebrand, that is going to change next season again.

Do – You know you have to rebrand when your product / service isn’t sending the right message to the right people, and in return bringing in a rise in sale, then there is something wrong. Your target demographics may have changed over time, your brand’s tone of voice needs / has changed, key proposition /USP may have changed, brand philosophy, values, goals may be different now, or there may be new kinds of aggressive competition in the market and you feel the need to make your brand stand out as a unique entity.

Alongside, the rebranding must be done in a manner to keep the look of the brand relatable to its previous branding in subtle ways (such as color, fonts), so as to keep yourself feeling familiar to your loyal customers.

To Name Few

We have seen multiple examples for ourselves in the last year or so, Snapdeal, Uber, Google, Pepsi, Zomato being some of them. To mention a few recent effective rebranding case studies, Old Spice has re-positioned themselves in the market, from being a deodorant that was perceived as one to be used by men who are 50+, to now catering the younger audiences as well.

Your brand must tell a story about you, again, it isn’t just a logo, it is the face of your brand, make it a unique and happy happy face :)

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