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How Hateful Paytm Founder Can Be?!

Digitisation and Demonetisation was pretty welcomed by many along with the skeptical beliefs it still carries in many minds. In the manner it was implemented looked necessary although influenced by the political timings. Despite the uncooked meal served by government with the expectation to eat and digest, there was one thing well prepared to at least survive during day to day marathon. That was Paytm and tuning well to the times arriving it was all over in the advertisements like God’s signals about the testing times to come. Jokes apart. There is another side of the highly popularised and used brand and that it its founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma. Each conversation, every interview with Sharma is sure to leave a mark you notice and get impressed. Let me tell you few, noticed or bypassed for some reason.

Anything National Is A Win-Win

You think of providing services, make people’s life easier, remind them their bills, offer discounts. All okey. You’re surely a businessperson, an entrepreneur. But, the moment you add a national cause to your venture, You Are Great and Noticed!

True, that soon after limits are released people have started withdrawing cash again and true that even now many people just refuse to accept paytm or freecharge yet there still lies a greater purpose behind the concept and the product of mobile wallet.

Point is, if you can make a movie or build a product that can articulate the patriotism, you flourish. After all growing together is more enticing.

Books Are Still Your Best Friends


Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma was extremely good in studies having doing class 10th at 12 years of age until he faced the blow of language struggle 99% small town people face when exposed to world. The hostel life at the age of 15 with the inferiority complex and humility of not being at par somewhere, we all can imagine how it would be. No friends, no gang and back bencher from the front bencher right away. That was the time he chose to stick with books, read and explore beyond academics. And that was when he learned about silicon valley reading second hand magazines and conceived a rough idea and a dream to do something of that level within country.

Never Listen To Others Have An Interaction With Your Own Self

Read it this way or that way, what’s important is to keep talking to yourself and realise what you’re good at, what you wish to do and how to make a mark. Academics and schools are good to attend but they’re not everything. Not being able to understand English at college Vijay Sharma flunked classes to spend on computer doing programming and that was so along the way he chose to walk on.

A Good Driver Is More Important Than A Great Bus

Work on yourself and your own skills. When the driver is skilled bus will surely reach the destination, safe and sound. Anything that you do has all to do with you and your confidence. Pitching your idea or choosing your career, when you have full confidence to do it, you will do it any way.

We Know Only Neil Armstrong And Not Buzz Aldrin

Being complacent may be good for your stress level but not for a great accomplishment. When you decide to do something, you need to speed up and be the first one to do it. That’s when people know you.

Don’t Settle For Less Than A Leap

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, have acquired valuation of billions for his solely founded company still in every small thing he sets his goals high to be deserving. He wears no watch for he aims to wear a Rolex only after he meets a target of $10billion for his company.

Even though he kind of escaped from the strictest discipline he faced in his childhood, this seems to have roots in the same strict set of rules.

Leave it or take it. Love him or hate him. Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma is one man who never lost faith in himself. He set his own goals and embraced every obstacle graciously.


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