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Go Guilt Free with Kolhapuri Art at Pulpypapaya

When God created this world He chose to become an artist, picking all the vibrant colors, patterns, tastes, shapes and forms. Letting the imagination go wild, exploring the most beautiful choices, that was undoubtedly the finest creation in the first place. In no world can we separate beauty and fineness from an artist. Blessing us with the basic quality of encompassing the beauty in various ways we happened to learn and blend it with comfort, so as to please our eyes and feel it at the same time. How? Lets know.

India with a huge diversity from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, has immense talent and art forms to appreciate. One among the same pool lies artistry of shoe making.

shoe making

Shoes that interpret one’s personality, shoes that enable us to stand the hard conditions all the way, shoes that we can’t help fall in love with. So to accompany us in all sorts of conditions and give us a little swag one of it had to be Kolhapuri.

swag kolhapurikolhapuri art


Binding Art Together

Idea of shopping fancy us and getting a quality product that impresses us in all manner is rare. After buying one such impressive product when one of the founders of Pulpypapaya, got so convinced to take it forward that he quit his job and co founded Pulpypapaya with two of his friends.


The idea was simply to collect all the art forms around the globe and infuse it in the market around the globe. Isn’t that awesome when you get all the beautiful pieces under one umbrella!

What makes it so Delicious?

It won’t be fair to call it just another e-commerce platform selling art.

Pulpy Team

The creative bunch of people, collect the artistry, the handicraft and then create graphics from scratch with ocean of creativity that they possess (they call it pinch… take a look at their website, self designed graphics, no way a pinch). Stating the fact, it’s purely art and not trading.

Thinking if you will like it?

May be, just in case you like Art, Beauty, Craft, Extraordinary Designs, Class, Quality, Comfort and may be if you like to look Exclusive and Quirky, may be you will like it. 🙂

Double-Storey Pen Holders


Tribal Art
Tribal Art – Coasters

You get ages old art, experienced and expert technique, online and offline both. Globally!

Visit their Facebook page to see much more of it.

All about it….

The curator team of art is dreamer and just like dreams their world has no limits. It’s eccentric to the imagination one can have of art. Aptly found the name, each member of team is creative and a dreamer. As of Now Pulpypapaya is taking forward the art of kolhapuri footwear to the global market, where the artisans will be more important and will earn a better share for their talent. Going for crowdfunding to take this campaign onwards and our local artisans to the world, well this concept is already a deserving win with MakeInIndia

Proud founders of Pulpypapaya

founders pulpypapaya

Tushar Somani, Abhineet Agarwal and Akash Saraf where Abhineet quotes one fine cause behind the bundle of art and their concept “There is no shortage of demand for Kolhapuri footwear and certainly not lack of local kolhapuri artisans to meet this demand. The problem here is the unfair compensation being offered to these artisans by the middlemen for their craft. Hence heading with the crowdfunding campaign, we plan to generate enough orders for the artisans that they do not feel the need to connect with the middlemen for getting rid of their stock. Almost 50% of the units selling price will be passed on to the artisans from our end as compared to 25% being given by the middlemen. Also, traders locally buy regular sizes from the artisans leaving them with huge pile of extra large sizes which they have to sell for very cheap prices. We ensure we take all the sizes ordered leaving no dead stock with the artisans.”


As the journey goes, reasons will be many, stories will be many and many accomplishments with some satisfaction and much more at each step.


When Kadam, a local artisan quotes “It’s becoming difficult for us to sustain our ancestral profession. We know that high prices are being charged for it but it’s not given to us. We’re glad to see that Pulpypapaya sources footwear directly from us and gives us a good price too.” I’m sure there would be many more Kadam and many more stories with the triumph of art and efforts.


We wish you all the best Pulpypapaya! You got a story with pulpypapaya? Impressed with their brilliant products? Share with us.

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