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Where To Buy Best Of Plants | Time to Redesign

Green is the colour of prosperity, colour of positivity, and colour of life, that is what experts also say. We love to see plants around and it just fills a wave of happiness besides the oxygen. However being so called urban we have lost grip over roots and been disconnected from nature. In the times of nuclear families and insufficient time even for each other, who’s gonna research on plants and the benefits from them that nature has instilled for us. Government? Well, it’s not a comic writeup.

You can buy plants and pots from gardeners, from nurseries. What if everything get sorted for you and is available where you religiously spend your time? On your phone or PC! Sounds good but without a good purpose and clear motive most of us tend not to move in any direction.

Value Addition To Your Life


We are so used to cribbing everyday for polluted air and rising number of diseases. It is said that If you want to do something the best way, Do it Yourself! Then why don’t we make a start by planting few extremely beneficial plants in your own premise. They can be herbal, medicinal and much more to that.

Watch this small film for that


क्या कुछ महसूस हुआ?

Did you feel something? If nothing, chances are you’ve successfully transformed into a robot. If yes, I’m sure you will get the message to keep your surrounding clean and pledge to bring massive change in your environment.

You Are Important From Now On

The moment you realise the importance of a green environment, its time to also realise that you are the key person to bring the change. Let’s make it little interesting.


office plants

When you think of redesigning a space, think of including plants to it. Give equal importance to your Office and Home.



Book is judged by its cover and Your space is judged by the surroundings. Therefore, its rather more important to plan the landscape as much you can.

Smart Gifting

gift a plant

Please get over honeymooning with gifting flowers and bouquets. Get smarter to grow the plants rather than plucking the flowers. You spend thousands to please your loved ones because you want to gift something special, so here’s the key. Make it even more special and lasting with unique and pretty plants with equally unique pots.


Fill Your Cart with Greenkart

A great responsibility requires strong shoulders. Planting and gifting and changing the environment requires someone really inspiring, plant expert and creative at the same time, to make your journey astonishing. So here’s someone working diligently and creatively as your Environment Expert and your one stop for buying Green Happiness, plants for life, plants for health, plants for a balanced future.




Greenkart, a startup into Environment Services, brainchild of Ashutosh Srivastava, Himanshu Srivastava, Avinash KS and Kundan Sinha, is not just an e-commerce platform where you can buy your choice of plant. It’s their dream to consciously incorporating specialised plants with artistic pots and consistently enhancing what they deliver.

Bragging later, lets see what they have been up to

After a thorough research of over 50 nurseries followed by a much deeper understanding of plants and the best of the plants, Greenkart is ready to sell more than 100 type of plants and artistic pots. Not just that, when you find yourself at a loss of ideas, they’re there to offer you complete assistance and guidance. What else you need? Useful plants, Creative pots and an expert guidance to place them beautifully. Take a look and you’re sure to drool over.




Tropical Indoor
Reduces Anxiety

Which Plants to Buy

When you come to Greenkart, be assured to find these specialised plants

  • Succulents
  • Gardening
  • Cactus
  • Bonsai
  • Oxi
  • Bamboo
  • Holy
  • Zodiac
  • Exotic
  • Vastu

Isn’t that a lot? Exactly! Because team Greenkart has been researching Indian and Foreign plants with a purpose to add value to your life.








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