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Another Artisans Saviour with a Startup Dream Coppre

With the expectation of booming handicrafts export in coming year 2017, it’s a wise choice for entrepreneurs to blend their startup passion along with the cause of saving craft, handicraft and artisans. Ganesh Natarajan with his 5F has brought his Fast, Focused, Flexible, Friendly and Fun funda to Copper industry by investing in Studio Coppre, an all women startup based in Pune.


Where we have stopped using copper utensils, it still carries the dignity of age old, older than colonial era. Coppre has come up using this exquisite metal in every possible way enhancing its beauty and efficacy. Having the artists from hundreds of years making wares from copper and beautifying it, Coppre does not only offer our ancestral inheritance in the stupendous art pieces and wares but also serves the cause of saving our rich culture and background.

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Palm Platter
Palm Platter

Copper Pods

Light up with Copper Pods

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Designer Rashmir Ranade, specialist in product design along with other three women in lead with mere 12 people team is all set to target expansion of artisans welfare and the art of these copper artisans all over India. Balchandra Kadu, Ganesh Wadke, Nilesh Sharad and many more feel overwhelmed with the support and the bright future ahead. Working from years with the perfection in hand and eye for detail feel even more happy in making the wares now when they finally have got an acknowledgment with no looking back.


Studio Coppre Artisans, the usual day

Funding by Ganesh Natarajan is just a first step, Startup Coppre has many milestones ahead.


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