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Sindhu Smashes The Illusion

P V Sindhu smashes the illusion of “even this time NO GOLD for India”

We all know about Bruce Lee’s “Enter the Dragon”  but now its Sindhu’s “Dragon entering the Finals”

Sindhu Pusalra of India becomes the hope of every Indians now and the first shuttler of India who has made it to enter the finals.. Sindhu will be the whistle blower among many who says India will win gold for sure and eventually she had stacked her silver medal but we all know she deserves gold.


Her sheer hard work and perseverance had been transparent with her every single shot she played with worlds no 6 player Nizomi Okuhara of Japan in semifinals who got stumbled and defeated at 21-19 and 21- 10 in 51 minutes. These 51 minutes are the most spell binding moments to the crowd, where they cheered with thunderous applaud while up roaring the name Sindhu!! Sindhu!!!Sindhu!!  had enthused her to grab the victory with an aggressive play. Her agile smashes and deadly drops made Nizomi Okuhara stymied and got defeated at last. This made a special and nostalgic moment to every Indians who are in treasures of hope that India could win a Gold Medal in Rio Olympics. And Sindhu says India will win a gold medal and we know very well that she is more than enough to be the standing proof of it.

Get astonished by Sindhu sizzling playing on finals today @6:55pm with worlds no 1 player Carolina Marin and going to give a tough competition.

We Indians should support Sindhu and cheer up by go India go India… drag the gold ..

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