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Indian Blind Football – Weekend In Mumbai 12th Feb

Thats FIRST DEMO CAMP IN MUMBAI BY INDIAN BLIND FOOTBALL FEDERATION. Indian Blind Football Federation (IBFF)  promoted by Society for Rehabilitation of the Visually Challenged, Kochi – a registered NGO working with the sector since 2002, is Affiliated with the Paralympic Committee of India (Govt) and is the organization recognised to help promote this game with the aim to help get sporting talents recognized and developed. Blind Football is a 5-a-side game played on a futsal ground with two sighted goalkeepers.


IBFF is conducting the first Blind Football Demo camp in the Mumbai region bringing together approx.. 30 to 40 footballers at the Priyadarshini Park, Nepean Sea Road Astro Turf Ground venue.

Event Flow ( Tentative) between 11 am to 4 30 pm –

11 am – Registration

11 30 am – Players to assemble to be briefed about the game, rules etc for new & present players

12 pm – 1 pm–  Brief Intro & kick off with Shreya Sharan, Demo Game between two mumbai sides

1pm – 2 pm – Orientation session for players, trainers and goalkeepers in the ground.
2 pm – 3 pm – Lunch

3 pm – 4 30 pm – Discussion of the game, tactics, plans ahead.

How is Blind Football Played

Blind Football is a 5-a-side game played in a Futsal ground of size 40 M X 20 M with the long sides blocked with sideboards.

coach footballAll players except the goal keeper sighted, assisted by a coach and a goal guide.

The players are guided by the sound of the ball which has bells inside.

players football

The goal keeper, goal guide (who stays behind the opposite goal) and the coach (who runs along the sides) are the three sighted assistants who call out and direct the players to move with the ball.

Each one of them has a distinct zone and they are allowed to speak out or give directions only when the ball is in play in their respective zone.

Similarly, to avoid clashes, any player approaching the ball, except the person in possession of the ball, is supposed to call out “voy” (which means ‘I am here’) in frequent intervals so that the person with the ball can tackle them and move away.


The Indian Blind Football team is ranked 23rd in the world and we are hoping to take the momentum forward with this event, which will give a chance to new players to participate and also help improve the game further. The First Blind Football Academy will also get operational at Kochi, and talents will be identified and brought on for a long term basis offering intensive training, fitness, tactical skills. Tata Trusts and West Communication is supporting this initiative on a long term basis.


When you watch this event and buck up the team, that will make the initiative and efforts of the players even more determined and boosted. So Be there!


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