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Are You Still Trying To Fit In The Sports Zone?

My childhood was an era for cricket. I remember during those days I thought that sports means only cricket and I called other sports as ‘games’. Not long back the International Sports Day left us leaving proud for our sports persons and the sportsmanship they display. At the same time, we’re living with this irony of struggling and fetching some recognition for the sport we have passion for.
There is slight difference between game and a sport. A sport is played under set rules and regulations. There is a governing body and a player or set of players, who are better to be called sportsperson. With the launch of National Sports Talent Hunt by the government, it apparently shows that few sports are still neglected children of the country.


Kabaddi holds its roots in every village and old times. Its traditional Indian sport. With the coming of Pro Kabaddi League, Kabaddi has been able to get some recognition and attention. However, to date, its not that one option that most of us prepare for generally.
National sport of Bangladesh and Nepal, Kabaddi is a team sport. Two teams are formed. Each occupies half of the court. They take turns by sending a ‘raider’ to opposite team. The raider has touch one of the players in the opposite team and return. The opposite team puts efforts hold the raider from returning. The fun part of the game is the raider has to repeat the word kabaddi from the time he enters opposite team until he returns.
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Another sport rooted in India, Kho kho is another interesting sport played with 12 players. At a time 9 players can enter the field sitting on knees. Each alternate player facing opposite direction. Three runners from opponents team is allowed at a time. There are 2 poles in the game. Runners can run in between the poles. But the chases cannot run in between neither can turn back. There are two innings in the game. One innings lasting 9 minutes each. The team to touch all the runners in shortest time is the winner.
kho kho Sports
Kho Kho at a Govt School in Haryana (source wiki)
Recognition : This sport is recognised throughout Asia since 1987 when Asian kho kho federation was formed.
This game was originated in south Asia . It is state sport of Andhra Pradesh , Tamil nadu and Karnataka. This game has several physical benefits. Kneeling down and standing up, running makes the game a complete excercise. If this game becomes popular then youths playing this game will be fitter and hence a fitter India.
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Jump Rope

Jump Rope one such sport that is a fitness must for all the other sport.  However, it itself is a very strategic, strenuous and strict sport. World Jump Rope Federation and Rope Skipping Federation India are the right channel to join for Indian aspirants.  There are more than 80 skills that can be mastered in rope skipping. You use the skipping rope but there are rules and standards for a pro sport.

Enjoy one from the best at it @NickWoodard

This game is used as one of the physical training excercise by physical trainers. This game has several health benifits. It increases blood circulation all over the body and hence makes mind active. It makes legs and hands stronger. It results in better digestive abilities. This is in fact one such physical activity to meet all the fitness need.
National Sports Talent Hunt Fact: Either the sports officials are scared to take it that far or they need to be educated! Jump Rope or Rope Skipping failed to get support even this year from government.

There are many more sports to be recognised. Sponsoring funds to the federations will provide more recognition. In addition, there are two such games, that are played locally but still hold their own benefits to health and fitness..

 Content Contributor: Prerana Hoizal
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