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Your Pet Is Too Adorable To Miss It

Ever fallen in love? Most likely you have, once or quite a few times. Many a times, we hear that purest form of love is what parents love is. You can surely experience it once you become one. But thats not it. You get to experience it way before. When you fall for that cute puppy or a bird, may be a rabbit, even a hamster, you become eligible to become a parent, Pet Parent. Once we fall in love with someone we leave no chance not to pour our heart and care. That’s actually falling in love. We surely love our pets very dearly but that demands a lot and lot of care. So there is one place you get all and all beyond your expectation.

Pet Care

Admitted! Not all of us think of this much comfort and care for our pets. We just never thought. Looking at the list you might think little broader now.

Food – All sorts of pet food you can choose and order online. Plus, Banana Cinnamon, Apple Peanut Butter and even more is in the Bakery section.

That cuteness calls for a delicious food!
That cuteness calls for a delicious food!

Party time makes your pet happy too.

Accessories – Besides all sorts of cute accessories, you can also compensate your lack of time to take your pet a walk. Buying treadmill, and fitness goodies is also possible here.

Services – If you have to leave your ’em alone, have no worries. Connect to pet boarding services. Connect to trainers to make them even sweeter. Pet grooming, even insurance, event organisers, their Cafe for a get together and a lot lot more services are there to connect with all at one place.

Online Courses – When you can e-learn, the pet that talks to you understands you can e-learn too. Guess so true. Get your pet wide selection of online courses.

Certified Health – Sending them aboard? Get their health globally certified. Besides, blood requirement for the pets can also be fulfilled.

For everything listed, you don’t need to click here and there but one place. Thats

Rajeev Talwar, Avtar Singh, Vinod Agarwal founders of have embellished their love for pets bringing all the possible vendors at one place to make it easy for pet owners and enjoyable too.

Don’t forget to browse the pet’s names list. The excitement of keeping the names is always same.



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