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National Anthem in Cinemas Unplugged

National Anthem must be played in the Cinema Halls, across the country before a film is screened and everyone present MUST stand to pay respect to it, as ordered by Supreme Court.

Piece of this news brought a mix wave of emotions instantaneously. The sensitive Indians have suffered a lot lately in the name of patriotism. Few well known names were stained with their image for being named non patriotic just to express their opinions and few least known names became popular in the name of patriotism over the debates whether there is any standard means of patriotism or not. So final conclusion, heard from the Supreme Court comes as if you chant National Anthem or stand for it when played that states your patriotism well enough.

Why the commandment by SC was needed?

On one hand it bears a dignity and pride for the nation. One should feel overwhelmed and respectful for the nation and national anthem and it is human nature, to imbibe something in roots it has to be introduced as a rule, a mandate.


Choice was clearly exploited even by Adam and Eve, ruining our earth forever 🙂 While thinking about the generation upgradation, there is a choice of staying married or not, stay with your gender or not, remain in your own religion or change, touch the feet of elders or not, with so much liberation and acceptance, must stand for national anthem, just to prove that you respect your nation, pokes ego and hurts sentiments of many.

Some quite reasonable, some irrational.



National Anthem sentiments


Relating Hinduism with National Anthem looks inappropriate nevertheless an appropriate application could bring some feeling of honour and humbleness where needed.



supreme court


Just a small dilemma

Besides, this mandate puts me in the dilemma how hypocrite I would be to respect the anthem that was most likely drafted to pay homage to British King George V. The anthem composed by Rabindra Nath Tagore, sung for the first time to greet King George and Queen Mary in 1911. The anthem contains no such words stating praise of the Motherland or the National Flag but the bhagya vidhata and that could be King George at that time. Ideally an anthem should have been adapted clearly praising the motherland, Vande Mataram, written by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay or may be Sare Jahan se achha by Iqbal having beautiful lines like Mazhab nahi sikhata aapas me bair rakhna, surging the patriotism and unity in the blood.

Well, just like keeping Mahatma Gandhi image from the currency notes seems irrevocable no matter what, changing the National Anthem is also out of question, until some logical enlightenment occurs to the politically empowered people and judiciary.

The Acceptance, The Hard Way

Practicing the National Anthem should however ideally be started from the parliament where our representatives show no respect to each other, forgetting modesty towards unity and nation. Clarity for the people who are not able to stand for unavoidable reasons is also missing from the verdict. Yet,willingly / whole heartedly or not, fact is that feeling of patriotism or goes missing when we don’t practice it. In fact, feeling of patriotism should also comprise, Respecting the Resources, National Heritage, Culture and Brotherhood, Obeying Traffic Rules, being Responsible towards Environment and even more. When you calm down your emotions and think of a belongingness there is no harm in giving it a start. It’s our nation after all and we love it.






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