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Why We See Airtel Ads Everywhere

Recent times have been really bad and unpredictable for every service provider in telecom industry. Call drop and poor network has been something every user has faced. Blame the spectrum shortage and a lot of cell towers being taken down but the problem persists and still there. According to a survey airtel customers’ satisfaction level has been at par with any other service provider. However there was a time when Airtel was a premium service provider.

Now why we see Airtel Ads everywhere? Why every other YouTube Video starts with Airtel Ad? What difference has been there recently? We tell you what it is.


For better and improved network telecom companies need to have many more towers. They are handicapped on this aspect as those having suitable place to set up towers, demand sky touching price one-time and rent for regular usage. Hence its wiser to buy property and make towers and flats on that property as costs would get evened out. Point is that, sufferers in this case would be those property buyers who may be conned to accepting towers placed above those properties and set free from likely and consequent health disabilities.

Airtel is coming big way in real estate. They way they have started promoting through their mobile network TVC is amazing. Looking forward to some amazing network as well real soon.


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