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10 Most Interesting Answers by Arvind Kejriwal; TalkToAK

Huge expectations had to be mounted with the Talk To AK session, with our hot CM Arvind Kejriwal. It reminded somehow Anil Kapoor’s casted Nayak, where one day CM Anil Kapoor, flashed a hotline for the city and had direct talks with public, listening to their problems, resolving the problems right away, then and there.

Let’s see how Nayak this Talk To AK session has been able to. After quite a time taking speech few questions and concerns were taken up. We picked 10 of them that might interest you for your benefit and knowledge.

1)  21 MLAs of AAP are acting as parliamentary secretaries, for which they may face disqualification. Question is that when these parliamentary secretaries, according to AK are not on salary, no allowance, no perks, then what was the need for this title either. Why couldn’t they without it?

Referred here, one person is appointed to visit govt schools and see if teachers are available or not and if everything is working in order, who then reports to education minister, Manish Sisodia. Similarly, one person is sent to every govt hospital and report in the manner.

For these duties, they are not paid anything and it is done out of social work. Coming on to giving title of parliamentary secretaries, it was not authentic for these people to visit every school or every hospital for a check. They could only visit the school or hospital of their own constituency only. Hence to make it authentic they had to be given another title which worked for the task.

Looks an ideal way of working, without increasing bureaucracy unnecessary. 

2) What are the initiatives and strategy for the promotion of Sports in Delhi?

About 77 government school grounds are open now for the sports activity. One can use these premise for sports training and academy. Students of govt schools will be given free training in these grounds. Pro Kabaddi was one such sports event organized in this regard. Funds have been kept aside and increased for aspirants of sports coaching.

Another huge turnaround is going to be launching of Sports University and the degree of this university will be equivalent to any degree, for the purpose of pursuing sports as a career. Philosophy behind is that, when a person wants to pursue a career in sports, he should be graduated in sports, just like academic subjects.

Mission 100, is a mission where 100 talent will be spotted for various sports. These 100 talents will be funded by government for their competitions, food, lodging, training, and travel.

Keep an eye bright sports aspirants, on when this Sports University becomes a reality and also how to be part of this Mission 100. Just wonder, when all those who graduate from this Sports University, become a congestion and remain with limited placements and career opportunities, where will they go for a job?

3) Is there any priority given to Delhi students in getting admissions in Delhi University?

This is proposed to Delhi University that students who live in Delhi and whose tax money is put in these 28 colleges should be given some leverage of 5% to get admissions in Delhi University colleges. The same is yet under consideration.

This is looked as a relief for Delhi students who not just contribute to the colleges through taxes but also come ahead through a strict marking and disciplined education institutions as compared to many other states.

4) What is the procedure of Student Loan?

One can approach bank online and submit all the details of Fees, school and college online. This would be sufficient for applying student loan without any guarantee.

5) What steps will be taken for poor roads in Delhi?

Roads wider than 60 feet is under Delhi Govt. and less than that is under Center Govt.

A thinkover is that Municipality comes under State Govt and even if the MCD officials are BJP candidates as elected, they are working under state government.

So, is it failure of Delhi Govt in being able to bring out the results from people working under? Or

Is it their unwillingness to coordinate and work together in a direction just because they are not AAP candidates?

6) Where is Wi-Fi?

It is being done in phases and fiber optics will be spread all over Delhi and you will get Wi-Fi and cable everywhere. It shall take 2-3 years to be implemented completely.

7) In Punjab, lot of people loot people in the name of immigration to Canada and UK. Will you do something for that?

Indeed, a crack down will be there on these people. Punjab govt. will set up a board where the cell will be helping people for the immigration directly.

8) From Punjab, another one. Teachers of govt schools are getting handsome salaries however quality of education is pathetic. What can be done to keep a check on the quality of education imparted in govt schools?

Giving an example of Delhi, there has been a lack of quality in govt schools teaching standards. For the same, teachers and principals are being directly in touch with CM and being motivated. Many of the teachers and principals are being sent to Cambridge and IIMs for training. Infrastructure, cleaning, and water, everything is being taken care of and so teachers are also liking to work and participate.

9) Why an increment of 400% in salaries of MLAs?

When you’re underpaid you try all ways to earn better and live off well. This becomes reason of corruption eventually.  While keeping an eye on every MLA to make them corruption free and duty bound, it becomes essential to take care of their bread n butter also. As referred, Municipal Corporation of Delhi is one such dept where MLAs work without salaries, and are paid Rs200-250 per sitting, yet they have lavish cars and bungalows. Where MLA’s were paid 12k/month the salaries increased by 400% have been set to 50k/month now.

This one could have a lot of different perception of readers and findings as well.

10) When is the next talk to AK?

About a month later. Hopefully.

Over all, this #TalkToAK session on 17th July, with some party promotion and opposition criticism, was much useful in terms of direct communication with public. A most effective method of Right to Information, without any lengthy applications and registrations.

Looking forward to more of such sessions, no matter what the results of elections be in Punjab, Gujrat or any other state. In fact, if this becomes a practice I doubt, if crores of rupees will be required to be spent on advertisement of every achievement and effort.

If you have missed it this time, do take part next time when it schedules. Because when you ask something, then only you get the answer.

Responsible citizen, Happy citizen.

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