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Black Money

#BlackMoneyCrackdown, Clean India Drive Extends To Clean Black Money

Grab a gist of what happened suddenly that extended hand to evade the hoarders and people becoming more & more prominent with sly modes. What effects, you may or may not have noticed, this drive against black money will help take place? No wonder many have become speechless, probably being busy in finding ways to convert their black to white but on the other hand, despite all the inconvenience many of us have faced and will continue to face for few days, its all the worth in the end.

Trump Or Modi?

All over the nation there is a word uttering the most number of time is “MODI” “MODI” “MODI” irrespective of US elections. People got super excited and crazy about the real transformation of INDIA. As per the instruction of our honorable prime minister(really it makes me proud by calling him the most honorable PM) Mr.NARENDRA DAMODARDOS MODI, on 8th November 8pm, no more 500 Rs or 1000 Rs which were used by people will be worthless from midnight of that same day which is 4 hours clock after the announcement (RBI PRESS RELEASE). This action towards the anti-black money, had created ripples and cascading commotions across the country. Over the past 70 years no other leader had the sagacity like MODI to scrap out the black money using withdrawal of high denomination currency at a single strike as demonetization effect. This move is been kept under wrap for the past 6 months and incidents like banning NDTV or at the conjunction of US presidential elections makes this more secret and distracted even though we came to know about the arrival of 2000Rs denomination last week. It’s the most clandestine move of the NDA government which no other government did in the past era.

The day has come where people who are with less income and with legitimate money are the happiest in the universe.

A Game Over

Persons with Black money, your game over!

This measure obviously hits the black money lobbying market and can make a real clean India in the nearest future.

People with legitimate money

People who had earned their money through their hard work and honesty will never loose even a single penny of their earnings. The  people holding genuine or ligitimate currency will be the biggest suffers from this move of the government as it has some process.

Prepare for your housewarming ceremony

Buying house might be a dream for many middle class and lower privileged people. But now onwards it will be a dream come true, where you can afford homes on reasonable market price not before like ransom amount needed.

Check and mate for complicit politicians:

It’s like a “thief got scorpion sting”. Hence forth no more politicians with scorpios or fortuners or benz c class will be railroading illegally by swindling people’s tax money. The nitty-gritty is that voters can’t be bought easily by politicians.

Stacked bribes in cash will be useless

Bribes can’t be accounted and eventually land in to their own trap of tangled web. Those who got bribes from you previously will now lick the dust if it is still in cash.

400 crore counterfeit will be flushed out : 

For the past one year alone, bank denominations notes of more than 400 crore face value of fake notes have been circulated in our country. Hence forth this circulation will come to a halt and full stop.

No finance No terrorist:

Terrorism on disarray, Terrorist financing will be completely eradicated. As they get finance through hawala market and other illegal financing through our Indian money will be brought to an end.

There is indeed this Quibble over the initiative. It’s quite hard to any individual of our country to digest that tomorrow onwards the money you have is just a paper if you don’t change it with the new ones through banks.

Shamble in the market

This sudden decision is all set to create tremor in the market as many shopkeepers and traders would stop taking notes from public and hence result in losses of goods purchased.

Cost of replacement is bit difficult

New Currency

There is a cost of replacement of such notes as they comprised a big lump of the total volume of currency in the market.

Banks’ logistical issue:  This is going to be a huge task as the banks with limited manpower as people are going to flood the banks for tendering their notes for replacement. So bank officials should be prepared to handle a huge serpentine queues with proper authentication check.

People with legitimate money: people who had earned their money through their hard work and honesty will never loose even a single penny of their earnings but at the same time people holding genuine or ligitimate currency will be the biggest suffers from this move of the government as it has some process.

With the answer to a lot many problems in our economy, there is an evident and prominent change awaiting to be witnessed in coming months. Now that’s how leaders act! Hats off!!


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