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How Much Will You Pay For Your Favourite US Brands

Whether you’re the one who thought twice before buying a Chinese make ever or the one who loves wearing or using a US Label product, then this read is for you. Outsourcing is cost effective and most US products are made by outsourcing its manufacture or assemble, to Asian countries having China, Bangladesh on their list. That’s what all the consumers have accepted and benefitted too, being fairly priced with equally great quality standards. Most likely, this party may be over soon with President Trump’s not so benevolent ideology on changing America’s destiny.

Typically when you buy a good brand T-shirt in India, it may cost anywhere between 500-2000 but now you might want to consider your wish to buy US make products ASAP, for Trump might consider Make in US as soon he can.

This ‘Make in’ Drive has impressed world over and the reason stated behind calls for an attention. However once the Trans Pacific Partnership is withdrawn, as declared by Trump back in November 2016, your favourites might cost you dear.

Let’s see what your favourite iPhone, sneakers and other products will cost you.


                                                                                                 Current Price           Made in US Price (Hypothetical)

iPhone7                                                                                       649$                               2000$

Current Manufacturer – Foxconn,China

Employs – 150000 Approx

Jeans  (Labour Rates/hr)          Vietnam                                 2.50$  

                                                      Bangladesh                            1.80$                               25-30$                                                     

Jeans (Levis)                                                                                128$                                   348$                                             

Television                                                                              299-449$                                   329$                         

(Note the report that all internal parts of a TV

comes from Asia & many are just assembled

presently in US)

Sneakers                                                                              65-399$                            165-399$

NewBalance makes/assembles 4M pairs a year

(upto 99% of sports footwear of US is made in

other countries)

Solar Panels    (per watt)                                                       0.69$                                1.00$

(Most Canadian make comes from China & Vietnam

based on US maker currently outsourcing)

The Crux

A disaster called for America, having lost employment opportunities by outsourcing and a major buzz for world around who love to shop the US products. Withdrawing the TPP apparently is a sure way to generate millions of jobs in US but perhaps Mr President is overlooking the trade policies and viability by completely intending to pull hands from manufacturing globally. Yet, the eyes will still be on him after the huge success he has fostered in his own life and career.




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