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How Is It To Groom For Men?

Hello to the masculine society, festive season on its way. Going to gym, eating better and a grooming routine. Wait a minute a grooming routine? Well yeah…….because most of us react to our grooming needs rather than stay on top of them through steady maintenance.

Social gathering are more intimate occasions. That’s true not just emotionally, but also physically. People stand closely, look at screen and paper and other distraction less, and in general have way more time and inclination to look at the details of your appearance than you’re used to.

Catch up basic grooming methods men should follow.  Identify and eliminate these common grooming mistakes:

Unkempt Beards, Mustaches and Stubble

Zayn Malik

There is nothing wrong with a sweet stash or a big beard, at least as long as your workplace allow them. But a messy one? No! thanks. Trim the edges of beard and mustaches into a shape on a daily basis. Don’t need to have a fancy look but yes a neat look is least expected. Same goes with your stubble. Studies show that women are more attracted to men with stubbly chins than those with a clean shave face.  So just go and make your stubble and beard neat !

Deep Clean Your Face

Face Wash

Massaging your face with an extremely high quality face wash is imperative to get an instantly brighter skin. Do this while in shower and save time because let’s face it, we hardly get 30 minutes in front of the mirror in the morning. Use a cleanser that also has exfoliation properties along with 2 percent salicylic acid. It will help you remove dirt and grime from your face, and will also make a perfect canvas for the morning shave. For an instantaneous clearer skin, wash your face with cold water.

Nose Hair


So GROSS!! So easy to avoid! It’s literally thirty seconds with a trimmer to remove this incredibly unsightly elements from your face.

Guys, remember: the taller you are, the more people are looking up your nose.

That means taller guys especially needs to be vigilant about their nose hairs. Trim ‘em back so no one’s staring at those weird, scraggly danglers when they should be admiring your handsome face. So just do it.

Lay Out Your Clothes


It sounds kind of ridiculous to lay out your clothes and decide what you are going to wear well before in advance than on-time, but it seriously helps. You should do this in the night because deciding what to wear to office can be tricky and time consuming. We are not asking you to match the colour of your clothes, but a careful consideration in what you’re going to wear to work can enhance your appearance. Wear them crease-free and wear them fresh. Nothing can be a bigger turn off than smelly clothes that seem they haven’t seen the face of water in eternity. Put some cologne and you’ll be good to go.

Shiny Shoes

Mens Shoes

Men are judged by their shoes. If you don’t know this yet, you’ve had obviously no idea about the typical standards used to judge men.

If you are wearing a formal shoe make sure they’re not scuffed and dirty. They should be polished and shiny.

Casual shoes should also be clean and avoid tattered shoes at all cost!

Finish It With A Moisturizer


This is a standard procedure, using a moisturizer after you shower will brighten up dull skin and will make you look groomed. Benefits of using a moisturizer is not   just short term, it will also help in keeping your skin look healthy as you age. If you have an oily or acne-prone skin, use an oil-free one. Combine with a cream that has SPF properties and no one can stop you from putting your best face forward.

Grooming is important for all as it rightly said that a man’s face is his autobiography and we should never be afraid of looking good but be afraid of not. After all  success favors the well groom ones. Keep smiling and keep reading ! happy grooming ! 

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