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Solid Waste Management – A Ticking Time Bomb

“Waste is a waste, who puts time in managing it?” “We just throw the waste, What else?”

If you also say so, think again! In fact, it’s actually high time each and every person should be known to the fact that if waste we generate is not managed properly, in next 50 years we will need 3 such planets like earth to accommodate it all.

Recently held Waste Management Workshop by Centre for Science and Environment, not only revealed some interesting models managing waste, but also brought our attention towards the severe need to do same, along with some bright business out of it. To mention few, Panjim Model, Mysuru the first cleanest city of India, Alappuzha Kerala left us really in a thought, where we stand.

Let’s take you through one of ’em to believe that change does happen if you are committed. Impressive Panjim Model.


Turnaround : Commissioner of Panjim Sanjit Rodriguez realized that Where there is Bin, There is Garbage. Thus, he ran a campaign making Panjim Bin Free, while providing door to door collection of waste (even in slums). When the waste was collected from the doorstep itself, there were no mediators, no dumping outside, which lead to removal of malaria and rodent issues.

Supporters : What made them even strong was working hand in hand with rag-pickers. Yes rag-pickers were commendably mentioned the best managed workers, even better than those who were paid by government. Because they used the key of segregating waste.

Slow learners : Segregating waste is one such key that can eliminate the lag created between picking the waste from households / industries till it is managed. We don’t realize on daily basis that dumping garbage cumulative and in the same bin leads to malpractice in treating it, ultimately leading to a major pollution we only suffer from.

Waste to Gold : Just like rules to build parking in every new building constructed, Panjim introduced rule to build Compost Pit in every building. And the same was implied in sabzi mandi (How we can rule out the sight of vegetables lying here and there in sabzi mandi of any big & small locality). Using this compost to make manure can do wonders in turning city green.

Municipality Plight : We learnt that government has to handover the collection of waste to contractors. Amusing fact is that these contractors are hired by government just for the collection and the dumping is done back in municipality dumping ground. Hence, neither the segregation takes place at the collection point not its task of these contractors and so the cost entirely comes to the municipality for the real challenge of segregation.

Business out of waste: Apparently there is much scope to bring business out of waste and make a change in our environmental loss and a greater cause of pollution. Not just there is a great potential in generating manure by treating organic waste but also by segregating waste and feeding the recycled industry and earn handsome.

This start-up ecosystem, when think beyond e-commerce and building numerous delivery app can bring a turnaround in the system.

On the other hand, while having all the analysts, economists, financial experts, why doesn’t our government think on making its subsidiary profitable and working wonders against environmental odds?

A victorious move is lead by a determined leader and this, our political leaders need to learn at core.


What we can do?

We all love planting and keeping our houses clean. We, not as citizens of our respective states but as human being need to educate ourselves where only small steps can bring a greater change.  We need to realize how very small habits of ours are destructing our own livable environment. As of now you can pick one new habit of your choice

  • Segregating Waste
  • Make Compost Pit in home and generate manure
  • Reuse the reusable, Recycle the recyclable (every small thing), Refuse the non-recyclable
  • Prevent using sachets ( These sachets are just environmental waste )
  • Don’t litter on road. Not even a small tip of a pen. Resolutions work when a Yes is a Yes and No is No!

Trust me. You’re going to be a carrier of fresh air taking baton of environmental angel and make this earth livable and breathable for coming generations.

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