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How to Generate Water at Home

Enjoy rains, clean the surroundings pouring litres of water to keep away that mud, washing our vehicles, using RO to get purest water; we believe, we know how to use water and where. But, what if we say we cumulatively let go the potential of generating water for a lot of activities in a day? If we don’t, that’s of course generating it.

As the monsoon comes, need of using RO and AC becomes way higher. Knowing the fact that, a lot of bacteria breed in this season, we stop eating food just anywhere outside and for same reason use of RO is justly necessary. Second effect of this season comes with the high amount of moisture present in air, leaving us no choice but spending most of time in air conditioned rooms.

Take note few simple things we can do to generate water.

RO Buddy


RO is our buddy and savior in monsoon especially giving us the purest possible water to drink. Now bring your attention towards the outlet pipe in RO that is meant to drain the impure water. However, this not so clean to drink water can still be used within your kitchen to clean utensils, wash hands and other such purposes.

AC Effect


We all know Air conditioner drains down water through its condenser. Just by running your AC for 2 hours you get up to 5 litre of water out of it. So just in case you can gather all that water, this might do all the needful of cleaning your vehicles, backyard, house cleaning and so on.

Rain Water at Best

rainwater harvesting

Water water everywhere, so much more to use! You get the best opportunity to harvest water during rains. Its not even expensive always. You just need to spare your dedication to do it and it’ll be more adventurous to set it up than any adventure sport.


If you got more ideas, do share with us. Those who do it already, we would love to hear your experiences.


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