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All you need to know about the Best Fitness Trackers of 2016

There is no scarcity of occasions to think of a gift for yourself or your loved ones. Yet with the upcoming festivities lasting till New Year and beyond let’s remind you how hard you have worked upon your health stealthily. Certainly you can’t be mean just to buy a gift without one, your fitness is going to thank you for. That too when Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal have poured the lucrative offers.

One Question Before You Read Further

Chose one of these to improve your fitness levels or lose that extra flab

a) Gym

b) Personal Trainer

c) Fitness Trackers?

Our word – Grab a fitness tracker and follow some fitness videos/ routines available on youtube or pinterest. Schedule your work out as per you! Get a cleaner environment! Why not chose your own pretty lawn with a bonus of fresh air?! Rather save on a personal trainer. One time buy and there you go.

Fitness Tracker
Best Fitness Trackers of 2016

If you still don’t know what they do exactly..

Fitness trackers are 24*7 wearable devices (like a watch or fitness tracker, up to you)

Track our activity levels, calories burnt

Step counts provide alerts to move towards a healthier lifestyle

Monitor key health parameters like our heart rate, sleep quality and more

The software in these devices automatically calculates distance and burnt calories and those are transferred to the device’s app on your mobile upon sync.  Generally the app on the mobile is where you can track your fitness activity and check your progress on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can also share achievements with your friends or social networks, as well as set new goals

So walk/run/jog/cycle/play/work out/sleep/work/… list goes on when you can wear it and be health freak. Men, women, kids and great to buy for senior citizens having different wrist sizes.

These devices start at around Rs 1000 and go upwards depending upon the material used, features and warranty.

Here we present to you the best fitness trackers released so far in 2016.


Mi Band 2 Smart Activity Tracker

This is a basic fitness tracker device which can be used to monitor your activity levels, like walking distance, steps count, time, calories burnt, heart rate and sleep quality. The band is made of aluminium with anti-sweat thermoplastic elastomers. It is blue tooth enabled and the battery can last upto 20 days.

The Mi Fit app is available on Android and iOS. You can monitor incoming calls, Mi Fit, Mi Talk, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Whatsapp. SMS, Email, and Goal notifications are also available. It is priced at Rs 2499 which is decent enough considering the quality of the software and the functions of the device.

Intex Fitrist Health Band

It can be used to monitor distance count, calorie count, step count, sleep quality and search for your mobile when lost within blue tooth range. You can monitor calls, SMS, control the camera and even the music on your phone with FitRist. The FitRist is made of a very comfortable material with a rubber-like finish

It is compatible with Android and iOS and the app is available. The battery life is 12 days. It carries 6 months warranty, is water resistant and splash proof. It is priced at Rs 1250 which is good enough for a beginner range and quality.

fbandz ™ Mil64 Fitness Band Smart Health Bracelet Bluetooth Wristband

These stylish military look bands can be used for monitoring step counts, distance measuring, calorie consumption management, sleep management, event trigger(water drinking, taking medicine, meeting etc), call reminder, message reminder, clock, sedentary reminder, anti-lost(positive and negative direction lookup), remote camera, vibration alarm clock.

It is made of plastic, silicone material and compatible with iOS, Android. Priced at RS 3000, it is one good stylish looking piece that can be worn on street to slopes.

Portronics Yogg Smart Band

This band will keep track of your daily activity and exercise levels, monitor sleep patterns, give instant motivational feedback and provides alerts. You can monitor social network, calls and text notifications. It is comfortable to wear, made with soft elastic material that can be worn on the wrist for days.

It can monitor how long and how well you sleep and wake with a silent alarm. It’s water-resistant and battery lasts up to 5 days. It is android and iOS compatible. It comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty and is priced at Rs 1999

DOEL X 64 Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Monitoring Wristband


It tracks calories burnt, regular steps, and monitors sleep. It provides call reminders and sedentary alerts. It is made of rubber, elastic material. When your smart phone is at some distance with the bracelet, band will vibrate to notify you when the connection is lost.

It is android and iOS compatible. It has a 6 hour battery life, comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty and is priced at Rs 2499

fbandz ™ ID107 Heart Rate Smart Band Tracker Fitness Smartwatch

It monitors regular steps, distance, calories burnt, heart rate. It provides call alerts, sedentary alerts, alarm alerts, SMS alerts, SNS alerts(Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Wechat, Linkedin, Messenger), anti-lost alert. It can also be used to operate the camera in mobile remotely.

It is made of silicone. Battery life is for 10 days, compatible with iOS and Android and priced at Rs 6999

fbandz ™ Akira64 Fitness Band Smart Health Bracelet

Fitness will never be boring with these pretty wristbands. A must accessory for Young Modern Woman. They can count steps, distance and calories and monitor your sleeping quality. It can also be used to set sedentary reminders, in-call reminders, drinking reminder, wake up alarm, message reminders etc. You can operate camera in mobile remotely.

It is made of silicone plastic, water resistant and battery life is 7 days. It is compatible with Android and iOS and priced at Rs 2499

Fitbit Charge Fitness Tracker

It is an advanced activity wristband that tracks your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes. It helps you stay connected throughout the day with real-time fitness stats and Caller ID on the OLED display. And when the day is done you can automatically monitor your sleep and set a silent, vibrating alarm.  You can sync your stats to your mobile on the go.

It is made of rubber plastic, water resistant. Battery life is 7 days. It is compatible with iOS and Android. It comes with a one year warranty and priced at Rs 11, 500

Hesvit Smartest Tracking Watch

Hesvitband displays steps, distance covered, calories burnt, heart rate, humidity, ambient pressure, skin temperature and important reminders on your wrist so that you can check what matters to you in one glance without the inconvenience of swiping screens.

Already a best-seller in North America and Europe due to its versatility and uber cool looks, it is now available in India. It is made of high quality silicon. It comes with a  1 year warranty and is priced at Rs 9999

 You could select from these picks based on your individual needs and life style, strap them on to your wrist and set yourself on the journey to your heart’s desires. Set yourself goals in these fitness trackers or bands, follow them diligently to meet your fitness goals and………

““Flaunt a new you “”   the next new year.. Cheers 😀

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