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How To Achieve Inner Peace and Goodness


Author Ankita Sharma


Peace : A state of mind where you experience calmness, serenity and pleasure in silence. Every person has their own definition of peace.

Picture yourself in the state of peace and you will know what it is meant to you.

Goodness comes along with inner peace as the more you are satisfied with your life, the more closer you come to goodness.


Here are the ways to achieve inner peace and goodnesspeace


1. Decision: “ Be not afraid of life. Believe that it is worth living, and your belief will help create that fact”. Today make  the decision that you need to work on your behaviour to improve your life. Start small, and list down all five traits you feel, you need to eradicate from yourself. These traits could be anger,procrastination, rudeness, negative thinking etc., Decide that you will overcome this in a week or a month or an year. Set a deadline this will help you to monitor your growth.

2. Challenge Technique : Now that you are committed to change, challenge yourself whenever you come across any of the listed thing(the list you decide on to work on) If it is to do with the negative thought, as soon as you see a negative thought replace it with a positive one. Keep challenging yourself, if you are feeling angry on a certain situation replace it with understanding and responding. This technique will keep you motivated and it will change your life for sure.

3. Goodness Starts with You: Whenever you achieve small results of the tasks you accomplished pat yourself at the back. Nobody is going to motivate you unless you motivate yourself. Goodness starts with you, appreciate yourself and let the world know the power of goodness, the more you feel good about yourself the more you are going to reciprocate to others.

4. Meditation: Practice meditation techniques for your mental peace.It could be deep breathing exercise, concentration exercise or simple workout. Every day, get away from the noise, the crowds and the rush and spend few hours alone in peaceful introspection, deep reading or simple relaxation. This will boost your energy levels to come back strong in all areas of life.

5. Health is wealth: What it is to do with money when you lose your health in the process. Give proper attention to your health. Develop the habit of eating healthy food. Exercise for at least ten-fifteen minutes a day, go for a walk in the woods. This will not only give you good health but also help you stay focused in life. As Healthy mind and body produces great results to achieve your dreams.

6. Help others: Help at least one person a day. The help could be monetary or non-monetary. Non-monetary acts includes showing kindness to others by giving up your parking space to someone who is in need, buying a meal for the needy, helping someone crossing the road, motivating someone where the person is down and making others smile. The feel good factor which comes from helping others have an outstanding effect on your goodness.


Your inner peace and goodness is all dependent on the ‘Feel Good’ Principle, do good to others and good will come back to you!

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